Here is the list of the top twenty current richest people in the world as of November 2019. In looking at this list it is clear that founding or building a business while keeping ownership of a large amount of the equity in the company is the path to generational wealth. Nothing creates leverage like building a business that you can take public. Surprising that no one is on the top 20 list through real estate as it does not create the same level of scale. Steve Balmer was able to use his position as Microsoft employee #30 to get a large amount of equity in Microsoft. 

  1. Jeff Bezos $111.9 Billion, Amazon Founder, USA
  2. Bernard Arnault & family $107.0 Billion, Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO, France
  3. Bill Gates $106.8 Billion, Microsoft Founder, USA
  4. Warren Buffett $87.5 Billion, Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO, USA
  5. Mark Zuckerberg $71.1 Billion, Facebook Founder, USA 
  6. Amancio Ortega $69.8 Billion, Founder of Zara fashion chain, Spain
  7. Larry Ellison $68.2 Billion, Oracle Founder, USA
  8. Carlos Slim Helu & family $61.3 Billion, Controls America Movil, Mexico
  9. Larry Page $58.8 Billion, Co-founder of Google, USA
  10. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & family $57.3 Billion, Granddaughter of L’Oreal’s founder, France
  11. Sergey Brin $56.7 Billion, Co-founder of Google, USA
  12. Mukesh Ambani $56.6 Billion, Father founded Reliance Industries, India
  13. Jim Walton $53.4 Billion, Father founded Wal*Mart, USA
  14. Steve Ballmer $53.2 Billion, Former CEO of Microsoft, USA
  15. Alice Walton $53.1 Billion Father founded Wal*Mart, USA
  16. Rob Walton $53.0 Billion, Father founded Wal*Mart, USA
  17. Michael Bloomberg $52.0 Billion, Founder of media company Bloomberg LP, USA
  18. Charles Koch $43.2 Billion, Father founded Koch Industries, USA
  19. Julia Koch & family $43.2 Billion, Inherited a 42% stake in Koch Industries from her husband, USA 
  20. Jack Ma $39.4 Billion, Founder of Alibaba, China 

By Steve Burns

After a lifelong fascination with financial markets, Steve began investing in 1993 and trading his accounts in 1995. It was love at first trade. After more than 30 successful years in the markets, Steve now dedicates his time to helping traders improve their psychology and profitability. New Trader U offers an extensive blog resource with more than 4,000 original articles, online courses, and best-selling books covering various topics.