For new traders looking for a shortcut to learning the principles of profitable trading I offer eight eCourses on my website They were created for readers of my blog and books along with people that follow me on social media that like my teaching style that focuses on what is important to know with no added fluff. 

These are eCourses are designed for beginners who have a firm grasp of the basic vocabulary of trading and the stock market and are trying to connect the dots between information and practice.

My eCourses use the stock market for the methods and trade examples. They also focus on end of day signals for swing trading and trend trading and not intraday charts or day trading.  These are stock trading courses primarily. 

Here are the eight eCourses to choose from and the best order I recommend to complete them in:

  1. New Trader 101: This eCourse covers the most important principles to trading profitably. Trading with a defined method, using risk management, and it explains the psychology needed for being a successful trader. This is a great place to start. 
  2. Price Action Trading 101: This eCourse shows how to trade using price action as your guide by establishing entry signals, stop losses, trailing stops, and profit targets. This shows a new trader how to replace opinions, predictions, and emotions with a process to allow price action to guide decisions as a trade plays out. 
  3. Moving Averages 101: This eCourse shows how to use moving averages as trend trading tools and letting them guide decisions for trading swings and trends in different timeframes on a daily chart. 
  4. Backtesting 101: This eCourse takes traders through the principles to use in backtesting signals to create a profitable trading system. 
  5. Moving Average Signals: This eCourse shows the results of backtested moving average signals across all daily timeframes that have a positive expectancy for capturing trends on different daily timeframes. 
  6. Real Trade Examples Volume 1: This eCourse takes viewers through the outcomes of a sampling of my trades step by step. 
  7. Real Trade Examples Volume 2: This second installment eCourse takes viewers through the outcomes of some of my more recent  trades looking at my entry signal, stop loss, trailing stop, and profit target much like the first one.
  8. Options 101: This eCourse shows the new option trader the basic option pricing model and how option trades are structured in many variations and how they work. It also includes some of my option trade examples. 

Any of these eCourses are $69 each or you can purchase all eight at one time for $400. These lessons can save you time by showing you what to focus on in your trading as a beginner. These are the eCourses I wish I had when I started trading in the stock market over 25 years ago they would have saved me a lot of time, money, and trouble. 


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