Current Best 5G Stocks 2021

Current Best 5G Stocks 2021

5G networks will make their nationwide debut in the U.S. in 2021. Here are seven of the best 5G stocks in 2021 to look at for trading and investing opportunities inside your own strategy.

Apple $AAPL: Of course the provider of the top 5G handheld device the iPhone could be one of the best 5G stocks as older iPhones will need to be upgraded to take advantage of new 5G capabilities and speed. As wireless phone companies grow the 5G mobile networks, the Apple semiconductor supply chain and the smartphone ecosystem should profit as the first step in the process to getting 5G.

Skyworks Solutions $SWKS: This connectivity chipmaker will benefit from the huge 5G smartphone upgrade cycle as the network rolls out to new areas.

American Tower $AMT: This company operates 186,000 towers and smaller cell sites globally. Only 43,000 of their operating sites are within the United States. They have networks of towers in high-growth markets internationally like Mexico, Brazil, and Nigeria. Their largest market is India with 76,000 cell sites.

Western Digital $WDC: They produce the two of the leading types of data storage today, both hard disk drives and NAND flash. The company expects data creation to grow at 23% annually between 2021 and 2025. The world could create twice the amount of data over the next four years, this is more than the whole amount stored since the beginning of data storage. New large data storage needs should generate profits for WDC.

Qualcomm $QCOM: This company is positioned well to profit from consumers’ growing dependence on smartphones and tablets. It is growing in the semiconductor business with both automotive supplies and cloud computing. The recent semiconductor shortage showed the growing demand for the their products which should only grow with the expansion of the 5G network that will require new device upgrades.

Qorvo $QRVO: While the company doesn’t sell products through retail to the consumer it does supply several high-growth markets, like advanced wireless devices, wired and wireless networks, defense radar, along with the communications sector. 

Nvidia $NVDA: This company is tapping the expanding 5G network market roll out with the release of its new product “Nvidia Aerial”, a software development kit for telecom operators building 5G wireless Radio Access Networks (RANs). 

As the 5G network across the U.S. and the world continues to roll out there will be money to be made by companies that provide the products, technology, software, and build the infrastructure. A trader can benefit from trading the price action of 5G companies while investors can profit from investing in the right companies that will see revenue and earnings grow and be reflected in their stock price over time. Everyone needs a strategy to implement a way to profit from these names that meet their own risk tolerance parameters. 

Current Best 5G Stocks 2021

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