Current Warren Buffett Stocks 2021: Q1 Update

Current Warren Buffett Stocks 2021: Q1 Update

Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway was holding 46 different company stocks in its portfolio on March 31, 2021, according to the most recent regulatory filing  with the SEC from the 1st quarter of 2021.

The five biggest positions account for over 75% of the portfolio’s value: $AAPL $BAC $KO $AXP and $KHC.

The top ten positions are over 86% of his current portfolio: $AAPL $BAC $KO $AXP $KHC $VZ $MCO $USB $DVA and $GM.

The filters Warren Buffett looks at in stock selection are:

  • Competitive edge in their market.
  • Great value for the stock price versus the company’s future cash flow.
  • Products that have repeat consumption.
  • A company that delights its customers.
  • A product that customers will likely buy for the next 20 years or more.
  • The company and industry is growing.
  • A great company for a good price.
  • The company has excellent management.
  • Efficient business operations.

Also note that many of the newest holdings of Berkshire Hathaway are being chosen by the heirs of Warren Buffett’s corporate empire and portfolio management. The managers he has chosen to take over are Todd Combs and Ted Weschler who he has mentored.

Below is Berkshire Hathaway’s current 2021 portfolio of stock holdings that are greater than 0.10% of the portfolio value based on the 13f filing at the end of the 1st quarter of 2021 on March 31st.

Company/percentage of portfolio

AAPL 40.07%
BAC 14.45%
AXP 7.93%
KO 7.80%
KHC 4.82%
VZ 3.42%
MCO 2.72%
USB 2.65%
DVA 1.44%
GM 1.42%
BK 1.27%
CHTR 1.19%
VRSN 0.94%
CVX 0.92%
ABBV 0.92%
V 0.78%
BMY 0.72%
LSXMK 0.70%
KR 0.68%
AMZN 0.61%
MA 0.60%
SNOW 0.52%
MRK 0.51%
RH 0.39%
STOR 0.30%
TMUS 0.24%
LSXMA 0.24%
STNE 0.24%
MMC 0.24%
GL 0.23%
TEVA 0.18%
AXTA 0.15%
SIRI 0.10%

Current Warren Buffett Stocks 2021: Q1 Update
USA International Trade Administration, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons