Financially Fit Test

Financially Fit Test

Here are ten questions that can measure how financially fit you are in your personal finances.

Grading scale:

No = 0

I’m halfway there = 1

Yes = 2

  1. You can pay off off your credit card debt any time you want to or have zero credit card debt. 
  2. You have three to six months of living expenses saved for emergencies. 
  3. You have at least two consistent streams of income. 
  4. You save 10% or more of your income each month. 
  5. You have a six figure net worth. 
  6. You own cash flowing assets. 
  7. You own your home outright or with a mortgage at a locked in rate. 
  8. You own stocks, cryptocurrencies, or investment real estate. 
  9. Are you compounding your gains in your investment portfolio by letting it grow or reinvesting dividends?
  10. Do you have a career that gives you upside growth in income potential?
  11. Do you work to learn and grow more than you work just for a paycheck?
  12. Are you always looking for a better opportunity with a promotion or by changing jobs? 
  13. Is your goal financial independence from a job more than owning big houses and new cars?
  14. Is your car paid off or do you have another form of transportation?
  15. Do you have a written budget or naturally self controlled spending habits that are less than you make?

0-10 score you may not have financial peace. 

10-20 score you are on your way to financial peace. 

20-30 score you already have a high degree of financial freedom, keep going!

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Financially Fit Test