Candlestick Patterns PDF

Candlestick Patterns PDF

Here is the link to a free Candlestick Patterns PDF Guide created by Rayner Teo.

A summary of what this PDF explains:

  1. How to understand candlestick patterns in less than 60 minutes to avoid spending countless hours trying to understand all the different patterns that exist.
  2. The key principles to reading candlestick patterns to better time entries & exits and see market turning points on a chart.
  3. Common mistakes traders make when trading using candlestick patterns and how to avoid it.
  4. How to read a plain candlestick chart like a professional without any technical indicators.
  5. Along with much more.

Get your copy here. 

Candlestick Patterns PDF
Click here to download The Monster Guide to Candlestick Patterns