Dr. Michael Burry is the legendary investor that runs the Scion Asset Management hedge fund. He became famous through his inclusion in the best selling book “The Big Short” by author Michael Lewis that was also made into a blockbuster movie. Dr. Burry was played in the movie by Christian Bale and his character was a central figure in the movie.

Burry’s most famous trade was using derivatives to bet against the real estate market starting in 2005 which started to pay off in 2007 which made him $100 million personally and and his investors a combined $700 million.

He also held 3 million shares of GameStop (GME) in 2020 as a value trade and a remaining 1.7 million shares in late 2020 before the short squeeze in January 2021.

Current Michael Burry Portfolio 2022

Here is the current portfolio of Michael Burry as of his 13F filing on 3-31-2022. The total current market value of his portfolio holdings is $201,379,000, with his top 10 holdings 94.14% of his portfolio. Michael Burry has a new Apple bet using 206,000 put options to short it. 

Top 12 Holdings

Rank/Ticker/Company/Position Size/Market Value/% of Portfolio

  1. AAPL / APPLE INC (PUTS) 206,000 $35,970,000 (17.86%)
  2. BMY / BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO 300,000 $21,909,000 (10.88%)
  3. BKNG / BOOKING HOLDINGS INC 8,000 $18,788,000 (9.33%)
  4. DISCK / DISCOVERY INC-C 750,000 $18,728,000 (9.3%)
  5. GOOGL / ALPHABET INC-CL A 6,500 $18,079,000 (8.98%)
  6. CI / CIGNA CORP 75,000 $17,971,000 (8.92%)
  7. FB / FACEBOOK INC-CLASS A 80,000 $17,789,000 (8.83%)
  8. OVV / OVINTIV INC 300,000 $16,221,000 (8.06%)
  9. NXST / NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP INC 76,200 $14,362,000 (7.13%)
  10. STLA / STELLANTIS NV 600,000 $9,762,000 (4.85%)
  11. GPN / GLOBAL PAYMENTS INC 66,700 $9,127,000 (4.53%)
  12. SPWH / SPORTSMAN’S WAREHOUSE HOLDINGS 250,000 $2,673,000 (1.33%)

Michael Burry Twitter

You can follow Michael Burry on Twitter at Cassandra B.C. @michaeljburry. He regularly deletes his tweets after sending them out and also had his blue checkmark verifying him removed recently. The Twitter account Michael Burry Archive @BurryArchive captures most his tweets and records them.

Michael Burry Net Worth

The current Michael Burry net worth in 2022 is estimated to be approximately $250 million.[1]

Michael Burry Apple

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