This Makes You More Confident

This Makes You More Confident

Feeling self-assured and confident in your abilities is critical for reaching your full potential and living the life you truly want. When you lack self-confidence, you are more likely to let fear hold you back from taking risks, putting yourself out there, and embracing new challenges. Fortunately, proven techniques backed by psychological research can help you rewire your brain to believe in yourself and boost your confidence levels. With consistent practice, you can cultivate an empowering mindset of assurance to help you succeed.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Our inner dialogue with ourselves plays a significant role in shaping our self-image and confidence. When we engage in frequent negative self-talk, like telling ourselves, “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough,” it chips away at our belief in ourselves. Catching yourself when these thoughts arise and then rationally challenging them is a powerful way to boost assurance.

For example, when you notice those self-doubting thoughts creeping in before a big presentation, write them down on paper. Then go through each one and ask yourself if they are valid or helpful to believe. The chances are good. The harsh self-criticism is distorted and unrealistic. Replace it with positive affirmations like “I’ve got this” and “I’m proud of how far I’ve come.” Repeatedly doing this can reframe your self-perception over time.

Adopt Power Poses

It turns out your body language impacts your thoughts, feelings, and confidence levels. When you slouch with closed postures, it conveys inner self-doubt. However, adopting open, expansive power poses – like standing tall with your hands on your hips – can increase testosterone while lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Take two minutes to practice power poses before a stressful situation, like giving a speech or going into a nerve-wracking interview. Feel the sense of empowerment and self-assurance surge through your veins.

For instance, you could stand with your feet shoulder-width apart; head held high, hands placed confidently on hips. Own this pose and notice the boost in sureness. Repeat daily for compounded benefits.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Pushing yourself to take risks and move beyond your comfort zone increases self-efficacy and resilience. With every new challenge you overcome, every unfamiliar situation you navigate with success, your confidence in your abilities grows. Make it a goal to step outside your comfort zone regularly. Give a presentation that makes you nervous. Take a class on a subject you find intimidating. Travel somewhere solo. Leverage these small wins to build up self-assurance steadily.

For example, if public speaking terrifies you, sign up to give a short 2-minute speech at an upcoming work meeting or community event. Prepare diligently to do an excellent job, then pat yourself on the back after completing it. Let the boost in confidence from trying something new empower you to keep growing.

Dress Sharp

It may sound superficial, but your clothes influence how you think and feel about yourself psychologically. Dressing sharp, stylish, and professionally boosts confidence and performance. Make it a habit to put effort into looking neatly put-together when you want an extra dose of self-assurance. Invest in some flattering staples and signature pieces that make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Notice the difference in how you carry and project yourself.

For example, buy a new power suit or impressive coat with a sense of boldness and authority. Wear it to your next big work presentation or networking event. Feel how the boost in perceived competence from looking sharp helps calm nerves so you can shine.

Fix Your Posture

An upright posture – head held high, shoulders back – projects confidence and self-assurance while slouching conveys self-doubt. Make posture a priority in your daily life, especially when around others. Pull your shoulders down and back while keeping your chin up—this projects assurance while improving your confidence on the inside.

For instance, notice your posture while waiting for your morning coffee. Pull those shoulders back and lift your chin. Feel how this subtle shift makes you ready to conquer anything, even as small as ordering your drink. Make holding this bold posture a habit, whether sitting at your desk or walking down the street.

Case Study: Mia’s Confidence Transformation

Mia struggled with low self-esteem her whole life, allowing self-doubt to hold her back from pursuing big goals like starting her own business. She decided to put these confidence-boosting steps into action.

Every morning, Mia wrote down the critical inner voice in her head, then reframed it into uplifting affirmations like “I am capable” and “I believe in myself.” She set a goal to do one thing weekly outside her comfort zone, from taking a solo weekend trip to signing up for a coding boot camp. Mia also invested in a stylish work wardrobe with bold colors and sharp silhouettes that made her proud and polished.

Mia’s inner dialogue, self-perception, and confidence transformed within a few months. She trusted herself to leap, quit her unfulfilling job, and launch her thriving e-commerce business. Mia’s self-assurance continues to grow daily as she embraces new challenges.


With consistent practice of these science-backed techniques, you can gradually rewire your mindset and build your confidence muscle. The more you believe in your inherent worth and abilities, the more likely you are to tackle challenges head-on, live boldly, and achieve your biggest dreams. Don’t let inner self-doubt hold you back another day. You have so much potential waiting to be unleashed. Be kind to yourself, but also be brave. Boosting self-assurance takes work, but it will change your life.