7 Things to Quit Today

7 Things to Quit Today

We all have habits or behaviors that hold us back from true happiness and fulfillment. Even making small changes by quitting just one of these can improve your life dramatically.

This article will provide seven impactful things you should consider removing from your life starting today. Implementing even a few of these can help you live with less stress, more self-love, and a sense of purpose.

Life has a way of accumulating unnecessary baggage that weighs us down. Over time, unhealthy thought patterns, bad habits, toxic relationships, and more can creep in and lower our quality of life. We become accustomed to these burdens and may not realize how much lighter and more accessible we would feel without them.

The good news is that you can identify areas not serving your happiness and let them go. Quitting something that has become routine but toxic is an act of courage and self-care. It creates space for more joy and personal growth. Keep reading for seven impactful things to consider removing from your life today. Pick 1 or 2 that resonate with you and take the brave step to start quitting them. Your future self with thank you.

1. Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the biggest thieves of joy is the tendency to compare ourselves to others constantly. In the era of social media, these upward social comparisons are hard to avoid. We see manufactured highlights of other people’s lives and feel inadequate or envious. But this distortion is all in our heads.

The truth is that you have your unique path and gifts. Wasting time and energy comparing yourself is counterproductive. Instead, shift your focus to appreciating who you are. Quit scrolling endlessly and work on cultivating self-love. Comparison is the enemy of contentment.

For example, Sara constantly compared her career and financial situation to friends on social media. She began to feel unsuccessful and unhappy, even though she had a good job and healthy relationships. Sara decided to take a 3-month break from all social media. She used this time to reflect on her definition of success. Sara came to appreciate all she had accomplished on her path. Her self-confidence significantly improved after quitting constantly comparing herself.

2. Quit Staying in Unhealthy Relationships

Another common burden many carry is remaining in toxic relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners. We mistakenly believe we are obligated to stay or that the situation will somehow improve over time. In reality, removing yourself from unhealthy relationships is an act of self-care.

Quitting communication with someone who constantly belittles you, lies, disrespects boundaries, or brings more negativity than joy to your life is perfectly valid. Do not stay out of guilt or convenience. Free yourself to build relationships that uplift you.

For example, Michael wanted to leave his girlfriend Emily for months but felt guilty. She depended on him financially and refused counseling. Despite frequent dramatic fights, he stayed. Finally, Michael realized the relationship turned toxic and damaged his mental health. He set boundaries, communicated clearly, and ended the codependent relationship. Though Emily protested initially, she soon moved on as well. Michael’s whole outlook improved after quitting the unhealthy situation.

3. Quit Procrastinating

We all procrastinate on tasks sometimes. But habitual, chronic avoidance of responsibilities damages productivity, confidence, and happiness. Quit making excuses around the things you know will move your life forward.

Instead, shift your mindset to one of action. Focus on all the benefits you will gain by completing tasks and projects. Even accomplishing one small to-do list item gives a sense of momentum. Keep going, and soon, you will build unstoppable forward progress. Reclaim your time.

For example, Jim had dreamed of starting his own business for years but always procrastinated taking steps forward. He realized procrastination was ruling and ruining his life. Jim decided to quit avoiding his dream. He broke down goals into smaller tasks and focused on accomplishing one small thing every day. In a year, Jim successfully launched his thriving online business. Quitting procrastination was life-changing.

4. Quit Negative Self-Talk

One of the most essential things to quit is the habit of negative internal dialog. Self-criticism, fear-based thinking, and limiting beliefs chip away at our self-esteem. If you constantly call yourself names and predict failure, these toxic thoughts impact your actions.

Make the conscious choice to quit negative self-talk and replace it with compassionate understanding. Be your own best cheerleader. Celebrate small wins and focus on your strengths. Changing internal dialog to uplifting affirmations will transform your outlook.

For example, Nina struggled with low self-esteem and constantly put herself down with negative self-talk like “You’re so stupid” and “You’ll just fail again.” She decided to quit being her own worst enemy. Nina taped encouraging affirmations like “I am smart and capable” around her home. Whenever she started thinking negatively, she consciously shifted her internal talk to kindness. Her confidence and happiness grew enormously.

5. Quit Overspending

Getting stuck in a vicious cycle of overspending and then feeling financial stress and unhappiness is easy. Quit buying things you don’t need and start living below your means. Avoid purchases that give a temporary mood boost but burden you financially.

Creating a budget, saving automatically, and consciously monitoring spending habits help build wealth. Financial freedom significantly reduces stress and anxiety—set goals to quit overspending and save for meaningful things that enrich your life long-term.

For example, Sandra was in debt from reckless spending on clothes, takeout food, and vacations she could not afford. She quit making impulsive purchases. Sandra created a budget to pay off debts and automatically put 10% of her paycheck into savings. Within a year, she was debt-free. Saving money gave Sandra a sense of pride and control.

6. Quit Caring What Others Think

Many of us base too many life decisions on what others expect or will approve of. This paralyzes us from living authentically and following our internal compass. Quit shaping your life around perceived social pressures or judgments.

Permit yourself to make unconventional choices if they align with your values. Allow your passions, preferences, and style to shine. Judge yourself only by your standards. You will gain freedom from quitting caring what others think.

For example, Ajay always felt immense pressure from his traditional parents to be a doctor. But his absolute dream was to be an artist. Initially anxious, he decided to quit conforming to other’s expectations. Ajay pursued art school and found happiness painting full-time. His parents eventually accepted his path once they saw his success. Following his heart was life-changing.

7. Quit Unhealthy Habits

Finally, pay attention to daily habits that may slowly damage your physical or mental health. These include smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, too little sleep, or overuse of screens and social media. Quit one habit at a time to improve your well-being.

Replace a bad habit with a new healthy ritual. Go for a walk, call a friend, prepare a home-cooked meal, or practice meditation—positive habits compound to make you healthier and happier.

For example, Greta drank sugary soda daily, was sedentary, and ate poorly. She decided these habits were making her depressed and ruining her physical health. Greta quit soda and started taking evening walks. She learned simple recipes for nutritious dinners. As her energy improved, she started going to yoga classes too. These small changes snowballed, making Greta feel years younger.

Even small shifts in your daily life can add up to significant positive changes over time. Identify just 1 or 2 things on this list of seven to quit today. Remind yourself regularly of all the benefits you will gain in happiness, fulfillment, and quality of life on the other side of quitting.

In the future, you will thank the present you for courageously removing what is no longer working. Decluttering your life creates space for new joy and purpose to blossom and grow. Each day is an opportunity to let go of something holding you back. Take control and start intentionally creating your best life by quitting what is not serving your happiness and growth.


It’s never too late to transform your life by quitting unhealthy habits and mindsets—even minor positive changes compound over time to create dramatic improvements. While complicated at first, letting go of behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you is an act of courage and self-care. The benefits you will gain make it more than worthwhile.

Quitting comparisons, procrastination, negative self-talk, and other burdens creates space to discover your passions. By trusting your own heart, you will find excitement and fulfillment.