Follow This 8+8+8 Rule (Mindset, Success, Motivation)

Follow This 8+8+8 Rule (Mindset, Success, Motivation)

Living a balanced life is easier said than done. Work, family, health, and personal goals compete for our daily time and energy. Finding harmony amongst these priorities is a constant challenge.

That’s why the simple yet effective 8+8+8 Rule has transformed thousands of lives. Dedicating 8 hours each towards work, personal time, and rest makes sustaining motivation and success more achievable. Implementing this Rule requires some mindset shifts, practical tactics for each life area, and adapting to your lifestyle. The payoffs in mental health, productivity, and long-term fulfillment make it a game changer worth exploring. Read on to learn how the 8+8+8 Rule could catalyze lasting improvement.

What is the 8+8+8 Rule?

The 8+8+8 Rule is centered around this straightforward idea:

Spend 8 hours focused on work and productivity.
Spend 8 hours focused on personal activities and self-care.
Spend 8 hours focused on rest and recovery.

Here’s how you get: 8+8+8.

This breaks down your day into three equal investment segments towards the critical areas of your life. It originated from time management coaches to encourage discipline, reduce burdens from overwork, and strike an equilibrium across different demands.

Implementing this Rule leads to eye-opening results

Less stress from a more balanced distribution of time
Increased mental clarity by separating work from personal needs
Higher motivation and energy from adequate rest
Greater productivity by maximizing work hours
More fulfillment outside of work activities

The outcome is sustaining your ambitions without burning out alongside nurturing your health and relationships.

Redefining Success with an 8+8+8 Mindset

Chasing extreme productivity or working endless hours is often glorified. But the reality is that the path leads to quick exhaustion and diminished returns.

An 8+8+8 mindset reframes success not as achieving more and more each day but instead maximizing effectiveness within the dedicated 8 hours for work and switching focus towards other life priorities.

This requires discipline in separating these domains and learning when to step away. Quality over quantity becomes the mantra here. Do your most profound, rewarding work during those 8 hours rather than low-value tasks.

Actionable Ways to Balance Each 8-Hour Block

Making the most out of each 8-hour segment requires planning and self-awareness-. Here are practical tactics:


Block off tasks that require intense effort or creativity for when you have peak energy. Use other times to respond to messages or do admin work.
Reduce distractions and interruptions by silencing notifications, closing extra browser tabs, and using focus apps like Forest.
Take regular but brief breaks every 45-60 minutes to refresh. Go for a short walk, stretch, or meditate.

Personal Time

Identify activities that spark joy and meaning outside work, such as hobbies, passion projects, socializing, and exercising for fun.
Be proactive in scheduling this time, or it’ll keep getting squeezed out by other priorities.
Do relaxing activities before bed, like reading, gentle yoga, and spending time in nature.


Keep a consistent sleep schedule to benefit from your body’s natural circadian rhythms.
Develop a calming pre-bed routine like bathing, drinking herbal tea, or dimming lights.
Remove electronics from your bedroom for better quality and undisturbed sleep.

Case Study: Casey Smith’s Transformative Journey

Casey Smith was overworked, stressed, and exhausted until implementing the 8+8+8 Rule:

  • Worked 10+ crazy hours as a corporate manager
  • I stopped exercising due to a lack of energy
  • I rarely saw friends anymore or did fun activities
  • Struggled with insomnia and anxiety issues

Upon learning about the 8+8+8 Rule from a time management coach, Casey committed to change entirely.

Here is what she focused on:

  • Blocking morning hours for most essential work projects before getting distracted by emails
  • Leaving work by 6 p.m. to pursue hobbies like painting and volunteering at an animal shelter
  • No more late-night TV or doom scrolling. Wind down by 9:30 p.m. to ensure enough sleep.

The impact was immense. Casey had her first genuinely restful night of sleep in years and had tons more energy and creativity during work. Casey also bonded more with family/friends and picked up tennis again. Her performance metrics improved thanks to focusing on the vital 20% during work hours.

Most meaningfully, Casey regained control of her life with a sense of fulfillment missing earlier. The chaos and anxiety dissipated thanks to respecting all parts of her life.

Overcoming Obstacles in Following the 8+8+8 Rule

Uprooting ingrained habits or assumptions on how we should allocate time takes perseverance. Some common hurdles and how to tackle them:

Hurdles and Strategies

Fear of missing out at work or sacrificing career progression: Remember that rest and personal health bolster motivation and mental stamina for better work. Short bursts of intense work beats burnout slog.
Getting distracted by low-priority tasks: Block your schedule ruthlessly. Group tasks require deep work, and do them when energy is best.
Friends/family unaware of the new schedule: Communicate the changes proactively and stand firm if attempts to derail. Over time, new boundaries will be respected.
Unexpected delays or situation changes: Adapt as needed, reduce personal time, or reschedule rest. But get back into routine as soon as things stabilize. Don’t just abandon 8+8+8.
Laziness or procrastination: Be disciplined about when you start/stop work and rest. Use apps like Forest to curb procrastination. Accountability partners also help.

Why Make the Shift? Benefits of 8+8+8

Committing to this divided focus across key spheres of life has remarkable benefits:

Mental Health

  • Lower stress and reduced risk of burnout
  • Increased happiness from better work-life harmony
  • Boosts in positive emotions like gratitude when appreciating personal/rest time

Motivation & Productivity

  • Higher drive and energy to fuel working periods
  • Deep focus leads to enhanced efficiency
  • Creativity unlocked thanks to the well-rested mind

Lasting Success

  • Develop resilience against workload increases or crises
  • Achieve ambitions without collateral damage
  • Sustainable path to flourishing in all parts of life

Think of the 8+8+8 Rule as your blueprint for constructing enduring success anchored in healthy habits and wholesome living.

Tailoring 8+8+8 To Your Lifestyle

While the overarching principle remains similar, practical application differs. Adapt core concepts to suit your workstyle, family needs, or location constraints:

  • Independent contractors can shift working hours earlier to benefit family
  • New parents can reduce personal bandwidth for their baby’s schedule
  • Leverage the flexibility of online work to optimize rest and breaks

The goal remains to allocate sufficient time for each segment without over-prioritizing one aspect. Use time-tracking tools to check where hours go. Gradually improve alignment until 8+8+8 becomes second nature.

Some folks also tweak exact segments, e.g., 6+10+8 for night owls or with intense evening personal commitments. The key is consistency; whatever ratios you discover work best long term.

Start Living the 8+8+8 Way

No major life overhaul happens instantly. Begin by observing current time investments. Then start molding your days towards 8+8+8 alignment. Apps like Toggl, RescueTime, and Forest will help increase self-awareness of where hours drain—schedule blocks for different activities. Most importantly, display patience with yourself. It takes real diligence to override decades of habits. Expect backsliding. But get back on track the next day.

In due course, the compounded benefits will have you feeling in control of your life, firing on all cylinders across the spectrum. So, are you ready to transform your days? Embrace the simple yet powerful Rule that unlocks better living: 8 hours for work, 8 for personal, and 8 for rest. This balanced recipe sets you up for motivation, energy, and success built to last!

Key Takeaways

  • The 8+8+8 Rule splits focus towards work, personal life, and rest 8 hours each.
  • It originated from time management coaches to promote equilibrium
  • Redefines success as focused intensity over endless work
  • Needs practical tactics to distinguish each 8-hour block
  • Delivers immense benefits to mental health, productivity, and resilience
  • Adapt segments to suit your individual lifestyle needs
  • Gradual improvement is critical, along with self-compassion


Living whole, healthy lives is not easy amidst endless demands on our time and energy. That’s where the 8+8+8 Rule acts as a robust guiding framework. One that respects all facets of well-being, personal, professional, and physical. Start aligning your days today for more happiness, balance, and sustainable achievement in the times ahead.