11 Ways to Make Money That No One Taught You at School

11 Ways to Make Money That No One Taught You at School

In a world where traditional education often overlooks teaching practical money-making strategies, there exists a path of untapped opportunities that can lead to financial success. Many of us graduate from school well-versed in historical dates and complex equations yet remain unaware of the diverse ways to generate income beyond the conventional job market.

This article delves into 11 innovative and lesser-known methods to build wealth that step outside the standard curriculum and offer unique paths to financial prosperity. From entrepreneurial ventures to investment strategies not typically discussed in classrooms, we’re about to explore some of the most effective ways to make money that you probably never learned about in school.

  1. Start a Business: Identifying a need and offering a solution through your business.
  2. Build a Website: Creating content on a niche topic can generate income through ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.
  3. Building a YouTube Channel: Monetizing an audience through advertising and affiliates.
  4. Real Estate Investing: Purchasing property for income through rent or capital gains.
  5. Franchise Ownership: Buying a franchise to benefit from an established brand and system.
  6. Mobile App Development: Developing mobile apps and earning through in-app purchases, ads, or a paid model.
  7. Online Courses: Sharing expertise through digital courses.
  8. Royalties: Earning from music, books, or software created by you.
  9. Investing: Putting money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or retirement accounts for potential interest, dividends, and capital gains.
  10. Trading: Buying and selling securities for short-term profit.
  11. Intellectual Property: Creating and owning intellectual property like patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Keep reading for a deep dive into each of these ways to make money you were never likely taught about in school.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is more than just a means to make money; it’s about turning your passion into profit. The key is to identify a market need and offer a unique solution. This journey begins with brainstorming ideas, conducting thorough market research, and drafting a solid business plan.

Success in entrepreneurship requires a great idea and an understanding of your market, strategic planning, and the ability to adapt. Be aware of common pitfalls like underestimating financial requirements or overlooking customer feedback. Managing the profit and loss statement is critical to running a successful business.

Digital Real Estate: Building and Monetizing a Website

In the digital age, creating a website can be a lucrative venture. This process involves selecting a niche, designing a user-friendly site, and creating engaging content. Websites can generate income through various channels, such as advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

The key to success lies in driving substantial traffic to your site. This can be achieved through SEO, social media marketing, and consistently delivering valuable content to your audience. A website is a scalable business, but you must be better than your competition to make a living from it. The competition grows daily online.

Property Investments: The Real Estate Route to Wealth

Real estate investing is a time-tested way to build wealth. It involves purchasing property to generate income through renting or reselling at a higher price. To start, one must research the market, understand financing options, and learn about property management.

Successful real estate investment requires a keen eye for potential, understanding market trends, and managing properties effectively. It’s a game of patience and strategic planning. Leverage is the most significant advantage of real estate and the ability to use the bank’s money to finance.

Franchise Opportunities: Leveraging Established Brands

Buying a franchise benefits you from an established brand and proven business model. The process includes researching potential franchises, securing funding, and understanding the nuances of franchise management.

Choosing the right franchise is crucial, as is adhering to the franchisor’s systems while bringing your entrepreneurial spirit to the table. Franchising can offer a balance between starting your own business and working within a proven framework. A franchise is a shortcut to being a successful business owner, and they are based on proven models.

Tech Innovations: Earning Through Mobile App Development

The mobile app market offers vast potential for tech enthusiasts. Developing an app involves creativity, design, development, and launch. Revenue can be generated through in-app purchases, advertisements, or a paid app model.

Success in this field requires a good understanding of the target audience, a unique value proposition, and effective marketing strategies to boost user engagement and downloads. App stores are visited by millions of customers a day.

According to new data from Apple, the Apple App Store attracted an average of over 650 million weekly visitors worldwide in 2022. And users downloaded and redownloaded apps an average of more than 747 million and 1.5 billion times each week in 2022. [1]

Knowledge Sharing: Profiting from Online Courses

Sharing your expertise through online courses is a fantastic way to earn money. This involves identifying your expertise, understanding your target audience, and creating engaging course content.

Platforms for hosting these courses vary, and pricing strategies can significantly impact your success. Effective marketing and a loyal student base are crucial for long-term profitability.

Creative Royalties: Passive Income from Artistic Works

Earning royalties from music, books, or software is a path less traveled but can be incredibly rewarding. This involves creating your work, publishing it, and earning from it over time. Key steps include protecting your work through copyrights and finding the proper distribution channels.

Promoting your work effectively can lead to sustained income through royalties, offering a unique blend of creative fulfillment and financial reward. Royalties are actual passive income once established.

Financial Markets: Investing in Stocks and Bonds

Investing in stocks and bonds can be a powerful way to grow your wealth over time. This starts with opening a brokerage account, researching potential investments, and understanding the importance of diversification.

Smart investing requires a balance of risk and reward and a deep understanding of the markets. It’s a long-term game that demands patience, research, and a steady hand. Dividends and option selling strategies are two forms of income that can come from investing.

Active Trading: Mastering the Art of Buying and Selling Securities

Active trading involves buying and selling securities for short-term profit. This strategy requires a deep understanding of market trends, setting up a trading account, and developing a solid trading system with an edge.

Successful traders manage risks effectively and make sound trading decisions based on their strategy. It is a professional endeavor and one of the most challenging to succeed at on this list, but the potential for rewards is virtually unlimited.

Intellectual Property: Earning from Your Ideas

Creating and owning intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, can be lucrative. This process involves developing your ideas, legally registering them, and managing and monetizing your IP. It requires a blend of creativity, legal knowledge, and strategic marketing to be successful.

YouTube Stardom: Building and Monetizing a Video Channel

Building a YouTube channel allows you to monetize your audience through advertising and affiliate marketing. This involves planning your content, producing high-quality videos, and optimizing your channel for maximum reach and engagement.

Success on YouTube comes from understanding your audience, consistently delivering engaging content, and effectively using the platform’s tools to monetize your viewership. A study published in The Sun states, “75% of children ages 6 to 17 want to become YouTubers.” Many Gen Z and Millennials also chose YouTuber as their most desired career. [1]

Even though being a YouTuber is the most desired career for young people, schools don’t teach the students the skills needed to create their channels and videos.

Key Takeaways

  • Business Creation: Launching a personal enterprise involves innovatively discovering and filling market gaps.
  • Web Mastery: Establishing a profitable online presence through strategic content and audience engagement.
  • Property Mastery: Utilizing real estate to generate steady income or capital appreciation.
  • Franchise Investment: Capitalizing on established brands to jumpstart a business venture.
  • App Innovation: Tapping into the digital app market for revenue through creative and user-friendly applications.
  • Educational Entrepreneurship: Leveraging personal expertise to educate others via digital platforms.
  • Artistic Income: Generating ongoing earnings from creative works through effective distribution and rights management.
  • Market Investment: The art of growing wealth through strategic investments in stocks and bonds.
  • Securities Trading: Engaging in the dynamic practice of trading stocks for short-term financial gains.
  • Idea Monetization: Turning unique ideas into profitable intellectual property.
  • Video Channel Growth: Cultivating a dedicated audience on platforms like YouTube to monetize content.


There’s an extensive range of unconventional yet potent strategies for financial prosperity, each requiring a unique blend of creativity, strategic planning, and perseverance. From harnessing the power of the internet and real estate to innovating in the digital app space, these methods open doors to diverse income streams.

They encourage leveraging personal skills and passions in content creation, market investments, or intellectual property development. These are the less traveled paths for wealth creation and inspire a mindset shift towards proactive and innovative financial growth.

These 11 money-making strategies offer a range of opportunities for those willing to step outside the traditional educational framework. Each path requires dedication, research, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Whether through entrepreneurship, investing, content creation, or leveraging technology, the potential for financial success is vast and varied. The key is to find the path that resonates with your skills and passions and embark on a journey of discovery and growth.