Rise Back Up And Push Harder (Personal Growth, Motivation)

Rise Back Up And Push Harder (Personal Growth, Motivation)

Pursuing dreams and personal growth often entails an arduous journey of effort and discipline. Motivation may surge initially through bright-eyed optimism, yet most encounter points of floundering. Paths to meaningful goals rarely follow a smooth linear progression. Typical cul-de-sacs include burnout, unclear directions, self-doubt, or perceived inability to make tangible progress from punishing efforts.

When forward momentum stalls, the reflective assessment provides an opportunity to reclaim internal resilience and belief. Adjust timelines, temper expectations, shore inner reserves, and chart a new beginning.

Recognize Why You’re Feeling Stuck

Burnout from overexertion with too little rest is a prevalent motivation killer. Constant stress taxes our mental and physical resources until we struggle to get through daily tasks, much less pursue primary goals requiring disciplined efforts over time. If exhaustion describes your stuck state, don’t demand more from yourself without first prioritizing replenishing your mindset and lifestyle habits.

Alternatively, a lack of structure and clear goals understandably leaves one spinning their wheels. If the following steps seem perpetually fuzzy, jot down some time to reevaluate what you genuinely want, then break those big goals into micro-step goals with deadlines based on what you can reasonably do each day or week. Creating momentum itself often sparks motivation.

Set Small, Achievable Goals

Rather than viewing goals as singular distant objectives, envision your aims as stair steps composed of gradually accumulative micro goals pursued through consistent actions in the here and now. Breaking progress down into digestible steps makes advancement feel readily achievable.

Someone hoping to run a marathon could first focus on running one mile without stopping, then three miles, then five miles, etc, over designated timeframes. A person who wants to switch careers could set a weekly goal of revising their resume, then networking with two professionals in their industry of interest, then applying to open positions, and so on.

Reframe Setbacks as Learning Opportunities

Repeated failures are frustrating indeed. Normal reactions often include self-criticizing, wallowing emotionally, or giving up on goals entirely in despair, believing success remains beyond reach given a pattern of not achieving desired results.

Shift setbacks from despair points into wisdom gained for future efforts. Ask yourself what specifically went wrong, then brainstorm one slight improvement for the subsequent attempts. Maybe incorrect planning, inadequate preparation/skill development, or unrealistic expectations created impossibly high hurdles. Break down what precisely didn’t work.

Focus on Progress Over Perfection

Related to celebrating small goal achievements, maintain focus on progress itself rather than demanding perfection with each step. Growth depends on patiently improving bit by bit, not magically transforming in ability overnight. Challenge thoughts insisting you must master goals quickly or not at all. View any effort made, no matter how small, as a reason to praise yourself. Daily credit your forward movement, emphasizing an appreciation for the actions rather than criticism for not reaching endpoints rapidly enough.

See each backslide as an opportunity to reclaim your inner power. When falling short, intentionally pivot thinking from discouragement to asking, “What’s one thing I could do better next time?” then immediately schedule attempts to implement that improvement. Own precisely where you stand each moment, surrender unhealthy comparisons with others, embrace reality over resisting or resenting current limitations…, and then channel everything into your very next step forward.

Practice Self-Compassion and Patience

Motivation depends profoundly on self-talk – quiet or loud chatter directed inwardly echoing opinions absorbed over a lifetime. Unfortunately, many self-dialogue trends are critical rather than compassionate, attacking rather than uplifting, and demanding rather than patient. Chronic self-judgment naturally spawns negative emotions, hindering motivation and any human’s progress.

Intentionally shift self-talk to first and foremost express kindness towards yourself regardless of outcomes achieved that day. Talk to yourself as a beloved friend you wholeheartedly root for rather than an enemy you constantly disappoint. Grant yourself the same gentleness, empathy, and optimism offered to loved ones. Affirm, “I’m enough. Challenges encountered recently reflect opportunities to improve, not personal failings.” Growth depends profoundly on self-compassion. Reconnect with your fundamental goodness. Honor each step forward in patience. In this mental space, motivation arises more naturally.

Case Study: Feeling Defeated When Growth Stalls

Neil is a 32-year-old software engineer who has long dreamed of starting his own tech consultancy business. For years, he held back from leaping, but last year, he finally worked up the courage to begin laying the foundations on nights and weekends.

Initially, momentum carried Neil eagerly through months of paperwork registrations, branding brainstorms, website design, cold calling potential partners, and gradually acquiring his first few clients. Exhilarated by visible progress, his motivation remained high, and his vision felt vivid.

Then, nine months in, Neil hit an abrupt wall. His consultancy pitch got turned down by a significant prospect he was banking on. Two fledgling clients had cash flow issues and couldn’t pay on time, leaving Neil unable to afford a crucial software update. Twelve-hour work days, he left no energy for continuing sales and marketing. He started questioning if this venture could ever be viable at all.

Neil felt baffled and defeated. How could so much enthusiastic effort yield such discouraging results? After a few weeks of barely making progress, his drive to grind through expanding the business wilted. The prospect of pouring blood, sweat, and tears into this consultancy now seemed foolish…clearly, the reality failed to match the rosy vision that kickstarted this journey.

Rather than criticize himself as incapable and his business idea as flawed, Neil wisely paused to reset with self-compassion. He revisited initial motivations and extracted lessons from recent setbacks. Broad ambitions were broken into attainable monthly objectives. Defining specific problems was empowering rather than overwhelming. This clarity set the stage for Neil to rise once more with a strategic, resilient focus.

Of course, the future remains uncertain, but Neil discovered failure often spotlights one’s most profound wisdom. What matters most is maintaining faith when that inner light wavers. Neil found through stillness and patience; embers regain their glow.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify sources draining your motivation, like burnout or unclear goals, then make space for renewal.
  • Break intimidating goals into manageable bite-sized objectives you can tackle daily.
  • When you stumble, mine setbacks for insights to inform the subsequent attempts rather than self-criticize
  • Progress happens through small gains accumulated over time, so focus on incremental growth.
  • Talk to yourself with the same gentleness you’d offer loved ones to nurture motivation.
  • Appreciate each tiny step forward; patience and self-acceptance propel you onwards.


When discouraged in pursuing personal growth and dreams, breathe deep and know you have all you need to recommit with courage. Avoid knee-jerk self-judgment. Instead, inspect roadblocks encountered with humility and curiosity about lessons contained in failures. Arm yourself for the next milestone by setting modest objectives and timelines. Brew stamina through self-care and compassion. Keep your eyes locked on the immediate next inch forward. One small win will stack upon another until suddenly you’ve traversed miles in reward for resilient daily effort. You own the power to regain motivation even after stumbling. Now boldly rise once more!