9 Super Habits of Highly Successful People (Best Habits for Success and Money)

9 Super Habits of Highly Successful People (Best Habits for Success and Money)

Success and financial stability do not happen by accident. Hinging on small but intentional daily habits, exceptionally successful individuals incorporate disciplines into their routines that accumulate over time to drive substantial achievement. By analyzing and emulating the most common traits and behaviors of prosperous people, you, too, can pave the way to victory and wealth.

This article unpacks nine powerful habits for reaching your goals, prospering financially, and joining the ranks of the successful. Supported by insights and examples from business leaders, each section offers actionable suggestions to start cultivating these habits yourself, no matter where you currently stand in your development. A case study also demonstrates the transformational results of implementing these key behaviors.

Habit 1: Early Rising

Waking before the sun to tackle priorities when your mind is fresh and calm lays a productive foundation for the day ahead. Many hugely successful people highlight early starts as instrumental to their achievements across various fields.

Benefits of Early Mornings

The quiet hours before others begin their days present optimal conditions for focusing on essential tasks, setting goals, visualizing outcomes, planning, and strategizing undisturbed. Without a bustling office environment or endless emails flooding your inbox, you gain precious time for self-improvement early in the day.

Utilizing the AM Optimally

Notable business magnate Sir Richard Branson starts working by 5 a.m. daily, using peaceful morning periods to exercise and address priorities without distractions. Other productive leaders like Apple’s Tim Cook, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, and GE’s Jeff Immelt begin working by 4:30 or 5 a.m.

Becoming an Early Riser

If rising at the crack of dawn challenges your night owl tendencies, begin transitioning your sleep schedule 15 to 30 minutes earlier daily. Soothing pre-bedtime rituals like journaling, reading, meditating, and avoiding electronics can enhance sleep quality for easier rising.

Habit 2: Goal Setting and Planning

All significant achievements begin with a specific desired outcome envisaged, articulated, and planned for a trait common among elite performers.

The Power of Goals

Well-defined goals activate the focus, self-motivation, persistence, and mental flexibility required to manifest success. Quantifiable finish lines direct efforts while tracking progress toward milestones to maintain motivation. Legendary leaders attribute their victories to diligent goal-setting and planning. Microsoft founder Bill Gates deliberately defines “big, hairy, audacious goals” as pursuing ambitious visions. Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps follows demanding training regimens aligned with winning objectives.

Plotting Your Course

Begin by defining exact success targets, including metrics and deadlines for completion. Categorize longer-term goals into stepping stones with mini milestones to gauge advancement. Schedule achievement of smaller objectives daily and weekly while assigning activities needed to reach each benchmark.

Real Life Successes

A Massachusetts maid visualized a new house so vividly that she listed it as her address before attaining ownership. Bestselling author Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10 million check during early career hardships. Both creatively imagined their future success as already realized and transformed their mindsets to manifest it into reality through strategic planning and goal-setting habits.

Habit 3: Continuous Learning

The rapid expansion of human knowledge fuels innovations that quickly render old information obsolete. Sustaining achievement relies on tirelessly amassing cutting-edge comprehension through vicarious learning, a practice universally observed among high performers.

Staying Ahead of Change

Technological and societal progress accelerates change today faster than ever. Facts learned in youth may no longer apply in middle age. Adaptability through regular learning permits navigation of constantly shifting conditions that defeat those clinging to outdated knowledge.

Integrating Education

Devoting as little as 30 minutes daily to learning compounds knowledge exponentially over time. Condense bestselling books and educational podcasts during commuting. Use phone apps like Blinkist or articles from platforms like Medium to cram learning into spare minutes.

Failing Forward

August 2021 marked 52 years since the first landing on the moon, yet today’s average smartphone dwarfs the computing power that supported this feat. Failure inspires learning, too. Thomas Edison reputedly conducted 1000 unsuccessful experiments before perfecting the incandescent lightbulb. Persistently learning from mistakes builds resilience and success.

Habit 4: Networking

Behind every great leader exists an extensive support network supplying guidance, resources, and opportunities. Though often overlooked, creating meaningful connections constitutes critical groundwork for victory.

Opening Doors

Relationships provide the basis for accessing insider information, talent, funding, tools, distribution channels, and endorsements necessary for ascending in any domain. The most potent individuals cultivate diverse contact groups to tap when required.

Contact Strategies

Leverage digital platforms like LinkedIn to locate promising contacts outside physical proximity. Commenting thoughtfully on others’ content sparks mutually beneficial dialogues. Attend conferences, workshops, nonprofit gatherings, and relevant meetups to interact personally.

Quality over Quantity

As Virgin founder Richard Branson says, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Strive for long-term collaborative relationships instead of exploitation. Overdeliver value to your circle and generous reciprocity will arise naturally.

Habit 5: Financial Management

Amassing substantial wealth relies on mastering financial self-discipline around saving, budgeting, and investing skills leveraged by all highly prosperous business titans.


Tracking income and expenses permits the optimization of spending alignment with priorities. Analyze habitual purchase categories and entertainment costs to target wasteful behaviors prime for reduction. Trim excess where possible, then allocate defined amounts toward key goals like debt repayment, emergency funds, retirement savings, and passion projects. Consider tools like You Need a Budget, Personal Capital, or Mint for automation assistance.

Invest Early and Often

Living below your means unlocks surplus capital for wealth-generating assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and business ventures. Compound interest magnifies money deposited in youth far more over time than more considerable sums saved later. Invest automatons like Acorns or Betterment effortlessly channel small change into diversified portfolios with steady returns.

Additional Income Streams

Rather than solely rely on active work for money, savvy individuals create multiple contributing income channels. These include assets like dividend-bearing stocks, interest-earning accounts, rental properties, online courses, book royalties, and any desired side hustles.

Habit 6: Health and Fitness

No professional achievements can be sustained without adequate physical and mental health. High capacity performance depends intrinsically on caring effectively for bodily needs and emotional resilience.

Physical Health

Good nutrition and frequent exercise build energy levels, supporting extreme productivity demands. Muscular strength prevented burnout during the record-setting sporting feats of Michael Phelps. Yoga’s meditative movement keeps author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss mentally sharp through nonstop workweeks.

Reasonably balanced diets with lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables feed complex cognition. Regular cardio training enhances circulation, mental performance, and positive moods, while weightlifting prevents muscle loss. Even essential home bodyweight workouts prove sufficient, provided they are conducted frequently.

Mental Health

Prolonged productivity cannot occur without nurturing emotional reserves, allowing the processing of stressors. Executives endure crushing responsibilities and rapid change within chaotic environments. Yammer CEO David Sacks emphasizes that the most successful figures manage pressure calmly by caring for mental health through counseling, sufficient sleep, mindfulness practices, or related avenues.

Habit 7: Time Management

With only 24 hours each day, extending attention across unlimited priorities becomes impossible—triumphant individuals master time management skills to channel efforts toward key objectives by leveraging tools for efficiency.


Categorize daily tasks by value and urgency to determine importance. Tackle high-value urgent items like deadline-driven projects first. Schedule high-value, non-binding activities like strategic planning and relationship building during peak energy morning hours—batch similar tasks to preserve mental momentum. Set time parameters for each task, stopping when time elapsed regardless of completion to prevent endless tangents.

Guarding Time

Preserving time for significant efforts requires sheltering it from digital disruptions. Ruthlessly eliminate activities wasting precious hours like email over checking or web surfing clicks leading nowhere. Silence notifications, schedule set communication windows, and delegate or outsource peripheral tasks. Savvy time managers avoid over-commitment by simply declining requests diverting from goals.

Case Study: Mia’s Journey

After dropping out of college and lacking direction, Mia viewed her options as limited. However, several small positive habits created massive changes over time. Within eight years, Mia directed a significant media production studio she had built herself. Mia repeatedly visualized hosting her talk show, fueling her belief she could achieve this. Devouring self-help books and entrepreneur interviews expanded her confidence and business acumen, lacking a degree.

A diner customer named Jacob eventually revealed himself to be a TV producer. This chance networking connection provided Mia the opportunity she needed to prove her skills, ascending into producing full talk shows within months. Though major networks initially rejected her show pitches, Mia persisted positively by self-funding an amateur online women’s chat show. A strong viewer response led to a cable network ordering an entire series within 13 episodes.

No single small win instantly awarded success. But continuous learning, expanding connections, and progressing with resilient belief despite obstacles ultimately compounded over the years to transform Mia from a college dropout into a multi-million dollar media empire founder.

Key Takeaways

  • Habits dictate success more than talent alone through compound results over time.
  • Waking early and planning days in calm morning hours establishes focus.
  • Setting goals and documenting incremental progress builds motivation.
  • Continuous learning in the future proves your mindset against rapid changes.
  • Network relationships unlock access to elevated opportunities.
  • Budgets and investments have prime capacity for generating wealth.
  • Physical and mental health provide the bedrock for sustainable achievement.
  • Time management ensures efforts align with top priorities.


The legendary figures’ leading industries and changing history did not ascend overnight. Monumental victories stand upon small daily actions stacked and compounded over years until momentum flows unstoppably toward ambitions that once seemed impossible. You, too, can stake your claim amongst the exceptionally successful by forming habits that forge leaders and high performers.

Awaken early to craft your days around designs for your future, channeling willpower into designated priority areas through firm time management. Set clear goals linked to overarching dreams, tracking incremental progress to fortify motivation when challenges arise. Absorb continuous learning and constructive mindsets from those ahead in your field while simultaneously strengthening connections through mutually beneficial networking.