Current Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2024: Is She Still A Billionaire?

Current Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2024: Is She Still A Billionaire?

According to the last update by Forbes, Kylie Jenner’s net worth is estimated to be $680 million in 2024. Kylie Jenner’s success is attributed to her business ventures in the beauty, makeup, and fashion industries and her valuable social media platform for advertisers. [1] [2]

This is down from her peak as she briefly reached billionaire status. Kylie Jenner was removed from Forbes’ billionaires list two years after being named the world’s ‘youngest self-made billionaire.’

In the ever-evolving world of celebrity net worths, few figures like Kylie Jenner capture the public’s imagination. This celebrity entrepreneur and reality TV star continues to be discussed and analyzed.

From her early days in the spotlight on reality television to her current status as a business mogul, Kylie’s journey is a testament to the power of branding, strategic investments, and the savvy use of social media.

This article delves into the details of Kylie Jenner’s financial portfolio, exploring the various elements contributing to her impressive net worth in 2024.

Kylie Jenner’s Financial Journey: From Reality TV to Business Mogul

Kylie’s financial journey is a classic tale of leveraging fame for business success. Her initial fame in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” provided a platform she skillfully used to catapult herself into the business world.

Unlike many who find themselves in the limelight, Kylie didn’t just bask in the fame; she used her massive social media following as a launchpad for her entrepreneurial ventures. This strategic move was the first step in a series of decisions leading to her becoming a financial powerhouse.

The Rise and Evolution of Kylie Cosmetics

The launch of Kylie Cosmetics marked a turning point in Kylie’s career. The brand quickly gained a cult following, starting with the now-iconic lip kits, with products selling out within minutes of release.

This immediate success was a testament to Kylie’s influence and understanding of market trends. In November 2019, Jenner announced she would sell 51% of Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup brand she founded and built up via Instagram and social media, to beauty giant Coty. That deal valued Kylie Cosmetics at nearly $1.2 billion and backed up Forbes’ calculations that she was a billionaire.

However, Forbes came to believe that 22-year-old cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner had exaggerated her wealth in the tax documents she provided to Forbes—with new calculations showing she isn’t a billionaire. [3]

The brand’s expansion and eventual billions of dollars valuation significantly contributed to Kylie’s net worth. The strategic partnership and deal with Coty Inc. further cemented Kylie Cosmetics as a significant player in the beauty industry.

Kylie Jenner’s Diverse Business Ventures Beyond Cosmetics

Kylie’s business acumen extends beyond cosmetics. Her foray into the fashion industry, including the launch of her new venture, Khy, showcases her ability to diversify her portfolio. Each of these ventures has not only added to her fame but also to her fortune. Kylie’s ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities continues to play a crucial role in her financial success.

Exploring Kylie Jenner’s $80 Million Real Estate Empire

Investment in real estate has been another cornerstone of Kylie’s wealth-building strategy. Owning several high-value properties across California, Kylie has shown a keen eye for lucrative real estate investments. The homes she currently owns add up to $80 million, though given that two are custom-builds, her portfolio is likely worth more.

Kylie Jenner’s real estate portfolio is as impressive as her career in the beauty industry. Despite being the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling, she stands second only to Kim Kardashian in financial success. With a net worth estimated at $680 million, Kylie’s collection of homes in Southern California is valued at a staggering $80 million and possibly more, considering two of these are custom builds.

Kylie’s journey in real estate began at a young age, with her first purchase being a Tuscan-style mansion in Calabasas for $2.7 million. This home, boasting six bedrooms and six bathrooms, was a testament to her early signs of entrepreneurial promise. She transformed one of the bedrooms into a glamorous room, reflecting her style, with mirrored walls and custom drawers. However, she sold this property in 2017 for $3.2 million.

In 2016, Kylie’s real estate ventures grew by purchasing a $6 million Cape Cod–style mansion in Hidden Hills, marking her as a neighbor to Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. This 7,000-square-foot residence featured luxurious amenities like a home theater, wine cellar, and a sprawling walk-in closet.

She didn’t stop there; Kylie bought the house next door for $4.5 million, initially intended as an office for Kylie Cosmetics. This property was later sold for $5.3 million.

Her third Hidden Hills property, purchased for $12 million, is a 13,200-square-foot Cape Cod–style mansion. Kylie worked with designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to create a glamorous and inviting space, with a particular emphasis on vibrant colors, especially pink. She still owns this property.

In 2017, Kylie bought a 1.37-acre plot next to one of her mansions for $5 million, though she sold it later, not going through with her plan for using it. The following year, she and Travis Scott invested in a $13.5 million Beverly Hills mansion, a modern and stylish space that contrasts her other properties. This property was listed for sale in late 2022.

Kylie’s love for Palm Springs is evident in her $3.25 million investment in an undeveloped plot in La Quinta’s Madison Club community. In 2020, she expanded her empire with a $36.5 million purchase of a unique compound in Holmby Hills.

This modern estate features a 15,350-square-foot main house and numerous luxury amenities. Her most recent acquisition is a $15 million vacant lot in Hidden Hills, where she plans to build a new residence.

Kylie Jenner’s real estate empire is not just a collection of homes but a reflection of her evolving taste, business acumen, and journey from a young reality TV star to a successful entrepreneur. Each property, with its unique style and luxury, adds a chapter to the story of her remarkable success and lifestyle.[4]

These properties are not just homes but assets that appreciate over time, contributing to her growing net worth.

Social Media Influence: A Key to Kylie’s Financial Success

Kylie’s social media presence has significantly influenced her financial success. With 400 million followers on Instagram, she has harnessed this influence to promote her businesses and secure lucrative brand endorsements.

Kylie Jenner is now the second highest-paid star for sponsored posts on Instagram. She can charge $1,835,000 per post. This digital prowess has turned her social media feeds into goldmines, further bolstering her financial status. [5]

Philanthropy and Public Image: The Other Side of Kylie Jenner

Beyond her business ventures, Kylie’s involvement in philanthropy has shaped her public image. Since beginning her partnership with Smile Train in October 2016, Kylie has donated almost half a million dollars to provide new smiles to over 1,800 children born with clefts. [6]

Her contributions to charitable causes reflect a different aspect of her persona, one committed to giving back to the community. This philanthropic side enhances her public image and shows an admirable social responsibility.

Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth Over the Years

Kylie’s net worth has seen a remarkable trajectory over the years. From her early days in the entertainment industry to her rise as a business mogul, her financial growth has been steady and impressive. This growth results from her diverse business ventures, strategic investments, and ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of entertainment and business.

Challenges and Controversies: Navigating the Business World

Like any public figure, Kylie has faced her share of challenges and controversies. The most notable is the debate over her billionaire status. However, Kylie has navigated these challenges with a level of poise and determination characteristic of her approach to business and life.

Kylie Jenner’s Future Prospects and Potential Growth

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Kylie Jenner. With her proven track record of successful ventures and strategic investments, her net worth has the potential for even more growth. As she continues expanding her business empire and exploring new opportunities, Kylie will likely remain a significant figure in the entertainment and business worlds.

The odds are that she will become a billionaire again through equity ownership in her business ventures and real estate holdings.

Key Takeaways

  • Kylie Jenner’s ascent from a television personality to a business tycoon exemplifies the effective use of fame for entrepreneurial success.
  • The establishment and growth of Kylie Cosmetics underscore her savvy in identifying and capitalizing on market trends.
  • Diversification into fashion and other industries highlights her versatility and business acumen.
  • Strategic real estate investments and a robust social media presence have been pivotal in augmenting her wealth.
  • Philanthropic endeavors have enhanced her societal contributions and positively influenced her public persona.
  • Despite scrutiny and challenges, Kylie’s resilience and adaptability have maintained her financial stature.
  • Prospects for Kylie Jenner appear promising, with potential for continued financial growth and business expansion.


Kylie Jenner’s journey to achieving her current net worth in 2024 is an inspiring blueprint for leveraging public influence into a diversified business empire. Her story is a compelling narrative of how strategic business decisions, an understanding of market dynamics, and the power of a personal brand can converge to create substantial financial success.

Kylie’s trajectory from a reality star to a multifaceted entrepreneur underscores the importance of adaptability, foresight, and the ability to seize opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of fame and business. Her ongoing evolution as a businesswoman and influencer continues to set benchmarks in entrepreneurship and celebrity branding. Her fans will watch Kylie Jenner’s story of wealth with keen interest as she continues to evolve and grow her business empire.