10 Skills of Top Traders

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Here are the ten key things I have learned that have allowed me to make money in the markets, and some of the characteristics of the best traders I know. The ability to buy pullbacks in uptrends. Buying at the right pullback levels while everyone else is afraid is typically profitable. Selling strength short at key resistance levels during downtrends. The ability to sell … [Read more...]

Good Trader, Bad Trader

Good Trader, Bad Trader

Guest Post by Yvan Byeajee What makes a good trader? This is a question that has undoubtedly been on every trader’s mind at some point. It has definitely been on my mind for quite some time. We all know that a good trader is an excellent risk manager. We know that he also trades a proven methodology. He must also demonstrate self-control – which is to say that he’s able to … [Read more...]

The 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Traders

Here are seven simple ways to move into the top 10% of traders that are profitable long term. 90% of traders do not do these seven things, you can start to do them tomorrow with the right homework and diligence. Profitable traders are trading a winning system based on buy signals and sell signals that create good risk/reward ratios based on historical price … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Most Traders Are Not Profitable

Why Traders Aren't Profitable

Many new traders turn  into bitter traders because they lose a lot of money. It's a fact that the majority of active traders don't make it and leave the  market. Many investors become disillusioned with buy and hold drawdowns and bear markets that destroy their capital. A trader has to not only overcome slippage and commissions, but also their own emotions and ego. If a … [Read more...]

The 14 Steps to Calm Trading

Calm Trader

Expecting the unexpected Mindfulness over markets Trading in the now The art of self-control Your inner narrative Filter out the noise Diversify your life Managing uncertainty Hindsight is a parasite Angry trader, broke trader Letting go of ego Your pain threshold Losing and staying calm Happy trader, rich trader For an in depth look into these keys to trading … [Read more...]