DK1 @canuck2USA Says Read These Books


With so many people on Twitter looking for a trading book or book recommendations by @canuck2usa, I have decided to compile a list of his tweet recommendations. I have read many of these myself, and they are truly some of the best. These are a great mixture of Elliott Wave, options, momentum trading, psychology, risk management, and rich trader methodologies.    The Bible of … [Read more...]

Why Traders Risk it All

New Trader U - Why Traders Risk it All

                    What makes traders risk it all? I think this is something built in, something very primal, very ancient. Men generally risk it all because we have little patience. We are the hunters, the breadwinners, and the providers. If we aren't willing to risk our lives to bring home … [Read more...]

Trading Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Learning is Required

  "You adapt, evolve, compete or die." - Paul Tudor Jones Learning to trade is an evolution of trader and system. You have to continually learn and grow as a trader. The markets are dynamic and we must continual learn to refine our system. Our losses must be our lessons, our wins must be our blueprints to future victories. Here are the lessons that I learned … [Read more...]

Strong Foundations Weather Storms


  Even though the Midwestern United States is a hazardous place to live due to inclement weather, people continue to build there. Why? Because despite the risks, they find value in being there. So what do they do? They build strong foundations that can weather the storms. Trading Plan (Blueprints)- Before you start your trading journey, you have to have a strong … [Read more...]

Why the Market Takes Money From Traders

"Don't ever let them get into your pocket." - Paul Tudor Jones Here are the errors we make that cause the market to take our money: Traders miss a trade setup, then take it late in the move. Chasing a trade is rarely a good decision. Buy right or sit tight. Traders buy a dip before it really reaches a good risk/reward setup. Traders buy a dip before there is any … [Read more...]