The 14 Steps to Calm Trading

Calm Trader

Expecting the unexpected Mindfulness over markets Trading in the now The art of self-control Your inner narrative Filter out the noise Diversify your life Managing uncertainty Hindsight is a parasite Angry trader, broke trader Letting go of ego Your pain threshold Losing and staying calm Happy trader, rich trader For an in depth look into these keys to trading … [Read more...]

How to Survive Trading in 2015

Dangerous Trading in 2015

2015 has been a year. The market went from swing trading to a downward plunge so fast and deep that it ruined many traders that were holding long positions with too much leverage. Broker's servers have made it difficult to trade profitably with many becoming overloaded and failing at crucial times. The stock market's recent plunges and volatility are on the scale of 2000 and … [Read more...]

The 12 Requirements for Profitable Trading

New Trader 101

The right mindset Your have to be able to manage your emotions. You have to have faith in your ability to trade your plan with discipline. You have to do enough homework that you will have faith in your system and your prospects of being profitable. You must manage your stress so you don't make mistakes because of mental wear and tear. The management of … [Read more...]

Calm Trader, Rich Trader

Calm Trader Rich Trader

Traders that are emotionally calm and cool that approach trading as a business, have greater odds of profitability than the thrill seekers and gamblers that come to the market. One third of trading is based on logic,  and two thirds is based on emotions. Here are 10 things that a trader has to overcome to stay calm and be profitable. Impulsiveness. The biggest thing that … [Read more...]

The Stock Market Special Sauce

Stock Market Special Sauce

                    If you have ever had a Big Mac (and is there anyone who hasn't had a Big Mac?), you know that what sets it apart from other fast food hamburgers is something called Special Sauce. Surrounded by controversy, people have been  trying to figure out exactly what was in this magical … [Read more...]