Good Trades are Never Easy

Traders may be waiting for the market to settle down and give them more clarity about the trend. For the moving average to hold, for volatility to decrease, for the economic numbers to be more positive, for oil prices to find a range, for your bad luck with entries to end…. The reality is, the market action will NEVER give you the perfect time. That right moment for entry never […]

20 Terrible Ways to Trade

Good trading is very basic; it’s trading with an edge to capture a trend in your own time frame, while managing your risk exposure carefully with the right position sizing and stop loss. There are endless ways to trade badly. You can change these if you make an effort and become self-aware. Be on the lookout […]

But What If I Lose Money?

You will definitely lose money in the stock market. The only questions are when and how much? The best strategies lead to small losses when they occur. A better question might be, “After I lose money, then what?” Then you will have learned lessons that better prepare you to make money in the future. Well, if […]

Finding the Best Trading System for You

Guest post by Michelle Custodio Top 5 Considerations to Find the Best Trading System for You Start the new year off the right way by finding the best trading system for your own particular needs. Taking the time to pinpoint this sometimes-elusive arrangement can reduce the amount of time you spend bumbling through your trades. […]

Book Review: Momo Traders

This book is in the Market Wizard format as the author interviews successful and profitable traders at many stages of their journey. Most traders in the book trade six figure accounts and some are millionaires. Many of them trade penny stocks, but are sensitive to the volume and understand the dangers involved in that market, […]