Being Thankful for a Trading Teacher


Guest post by Holly Burns   As most of you know, I'm not a trader. I'm a writer and web developer who married (luckily) one of the most patient and knowledgeable traders around, Steve Burns. Steve has taught me so much about trading in the last year that's it's hard to sum it up in one short blog post, but I wanted to give thanks for someone who not only knows his … [Read more...]

Think Like a Trader: 10 Psychological Trading Rules

Never trade so big that you end up watching every price tick even though you are not a day trader. Don't trade so big you dramatically increase your pulse rate or get the sweats. Each trade should only be one of your next one hundred. Never risk more than 1% of your trading account on one trade based on your stop loss. Don't spend time obsessing over market hindsight. All … [Read more...]

Playing the Long Game

Winning the Long Game

As Jeff Bezos built Amazon into the biggest retailer in the world by market cap, his focus was not on the short game of quarterly earnings to please Wall Street, or small challenges and obstacles that arose from day to day operations. His focus was on the long game, conquering the publishing and retail world---the quarterly earnings were just noise. His only goal was to stay … [Read more...]

A Traders 10 Steps form Amateur to Pro

Here are the ten steps that show you have moved from a newbie trader to trading more like a professional: You take you stop losses with little stress or emotional turmoil. This is a sign you are trading with the right position size and accepted losses as part of doing business. You have stopped taking random entries and have shifted to trading only planned entry … [Read more...]

10 Skills of Top Traders

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Here are the ten key things I have learned that have allowed me to make money in the markets, and some of the characteristics of the best traders I know. The ability to buy pullbacks in uptrends. Buying at the right pullback levels while everyone else is afraid is typically profitable. Selling strength short at key resistance levels during downtrends. The ability to sell … [Read more...]