Most of the best years that most of the “Market Wizards” and the best traders that I know had were around 100% annual returns. That usually happens in unique environments perfectly suited for a traders specific trading method. Momentum stock traders during the internet bubble and leveraged trend followers using options of futures that are very aggressive and push the boundary of risk management to the edge. What if I told you there was a way for most employees to get an instant 100% return on their money?

How? In the United States most major corporations and even some big businesses have 401K match programs. These are tax deferred retirement programs where the employer will match what the employee puts in to the account. Each company is different, some will match your income up to 5% others more, other less. If you make $50,000 a year and put in 5% of your income each week by the end of the year you will have contributed $2,500 then the company will have matched with an additional $2,500. Each week around $50 goes into your account automatically and the company also buts in $50. Your $50 becomes $100 a 100% return off the top. In addition this is pretax money in a standard 401K so you are differing taxes until you take the money out and use it which may be in 20+ years. You get your tax free 100% return off the top and the capital gains and dividends from investments also grow tax free until you redeem it. You throw in some good trend following strategies and compounding returns over many years and you can really have something. That is what I did.

STEP #2 —> The Magic of Compounding Your Returns