The 10 Common Habits of Trading Trolls

The 10 Common Habits of Trading Trolls


The 10 Common Habits of Trading Trolls

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Social Media is a fun place for traders to interact with other like minded  traders, but there are many people online that for whatever reason want to try to spoil the fun. They always bring a negative wake wherever they go. They are more interested in tearing people down than adding value to wherever they are. The block button is a great tool to remove these people from your online experience and not waste any time or energy on them.

  1. Trolls give unsolicited feedback to people sharing trade ideas or real trades. This feedback is usually negative and comes in the form of an attack and is not constructive, just annoying and rude.

  2. The troll is usually the one against the many on social media they usually don’t have many friends unless they are fake accounts they created themselves.

  3. The trolls number one goal is to get attention and feel better about themselves by tearing someone else down.

  4. Trolls ignorantly attack people discussing trader psychology, risk management, or systems, not understanding what they even mean.

  5. Even though they attack others traders trolls rarely if ever post trades or trade ideas, they keep their own skin out of the game.

  6. Trolls are always trying to convince people that they are something they are not, retired brokers, millionaires, hedge fund managers, etc. Usually they are just a person with a social media account.

  7. There is the spammer trolls who’s only purpose on social media is to sell something, they usually try way to hard.

  8. An annoying type of trading troll is the one that  immediately attacks another trader’s trade based on their own preconception of the trade with no idea what the trader’s time frame, position size, or exit plan even is. They also do not know the trader’s experience level of track record or even who they are they just immediately become an ignorant judge.

  9. Another type of troll is one that becomes obsessed with a trading idea, stock, method, or direction, and attacks everyone they can that posts anything that is against this idea.

  10. And of course the worst of all the trolls is the penny stock trolls that endlessly spam how great a stock is to buy that is worth pennies.