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  1.  The long term stock market up trend  from 2013 is still firmly in place.

  2. The last two days moves in $SPY was a very strong bounce off an intra-day bottom at the 30 RSI.

  3. A confirmation of a possible short term trend back up to all time highs would be a break and close above  the 50 day simple moving average and over the 50 RSI.

  4. If the 50 day sma and 50 RSI hold as resistance and are rejected it could lead to a short term trend to the 200 day sma in coming weeks.

  5. The volume in the two day bounce was very healthy.

  6. The $DIA index ETF had an almost picture perfect bounce off its 200 day sma last week. This is bullish.

  7. $QQQ broke and held above its 50 day sma last week. This is bullish.

  8. $VXX chart reversed and fell sharply showing a perceived decrease in downside volatility risk. This is bullish.

  9. The $SPY chart is in limbo here and can still be a fake out for the bulls.

  10. My signals are long $SPY at the end of day above the 50 day sma for a longer term trade and looking at a quick short play if it is rejected and stays under the 50 day sma until the end of the day and also loses the 21 day ema.