But What If I Lose Money?

You will definitely lose money in the stock market. The only questions are when and how much?

The best strategies lead to small losses when they occur.

A better question might be, “After I lose money, then what?” Then you will have learned lessons that better prepare you to make money in the future.

Well, if you’ve managed your position sizing and honored your initial stop losses, after you lose money you will be one step closer to profitable trading . If you spent that tuition wisely on being educated on what you did wrong, you will be wiser and more cautious and you almost certainly will be more respected by all of the people that sit on the sidelines and are afraid to try.

Many never take the entrepreneurial path of risk in the pursuit of wealth building like you have. You have the potential to make money; not by selling your time or labor, but by trading a system that profits from trends in your time frame. The right market environment and the right trading system can reward you more than any job ever will.

Fear not.