Good Trades are Never Easy

Traders may be waiting for the market to settle down and give them more clarity about the trend. For the moving average to hold, for volatility to decrease, for the economic numbers to be more positive, for oil prices to find a range, for your bad luck with entries to end….

The reality is, the market action will NEVER give you the perfect time. That right moment for entry never arrives. The entry will always be difficult; right at the peak of fear the bottom is reached. When the market feels like it will never stop going up a short term top is reached.

Good traders buy the fear at the right time, they sell the greed, they go against the majority when the trend bends and they enter trades that make them uncomfortable. The profitable traders trade a system that has a mathematical and emotional edge over their opponents. Trading is never easy because the profits usually arise from signals that are counter-intuitive. Buying momentum and greed can work in an uptrend and selling short can work in a downtrend. These signals work best in the beginning of that trend, when the trade seems particularly difficult.

Profitable traders take trades when their signals are triggered, even if they don’t believe in them at that moment. They understand the historical price performance and what is possible.

Their trading plan is their boss. Their signals are their gurus. Their trading system is what gives them the faith to click their mouse and put real money at risk in the belief that they can win. They have faith in themselves and their methodology. That is how they can click the mouse and make the trade. Can you?