Bullish Connector Stocks

A lot of the biggest and most bullish companies in the world connect buyers with sellers. These new economy stocks represent search engines and platforms as much as they do the underlying companies.

Amazon is where people begin their search when they want to buy things from both Amazon and other sellers on the site. Amazon is the most efficient place where the buying and selling of products occur. Amazon became the biggest retailer in the world by market cap with no stores until recently.

The Uber app connects people that need a ride with a driver that wants to get paid for giving someone a ride. It has created a more efficient and cheaper way for ride sharing transactions to take place. Uber primarily operates with their drivers using their own cars not the company’s.

The Facebook app and website connects friends and family. It is the place people go for personal news feeds of the people they care about. Underlying this primary platform Facebook has created the most targeted advertising platforms in the world through the information collected through a users profile and page likes. Facebook does not create content it leaves that up to its users.

Alibaba efficiently connects wholesalers with retailers primarily. Alibaba does not have inventory it allows sellers to locate the items they want to sell on its website.

AirBnB efficiently connects people that want to rent a place to renters that have a place to rent. AirBnB does not own real estate it connects the use of real estate.

Google is the place people go to look up information online. Google is not a creator of information it is the aggregator that helps people find the information they are searching for.

While Bitcoin is not even a company or a stock it allows a vehicle for buyers and sellers to complete transactions digitally outside the confines of currency and tracking through banking. The block chain technology enables a whole new dynamic for information aggregation inside a closed system.

This is a brave new world where digital information is to the economy what oil use to be for driving the economy. This is a great guide for investing as we leave the 20th century information age and enter the 21st century age of the aggregation of information.