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There is a big difference between trading in an up trending market and a down trending market. Money can be made in bull markets and bear markets but you have to be trading on the right side of the trend to capture profits.

Here are the ten best signs that we are in a bull market:

  1. The major market indexes are above both the 50 and 200 simple moving averages.
  2. You have many growth stocks trading at all-time highs.
  3. You can safely buy the dips that bounce off key moving averages.
  4. Traders and investors are surprised that the market is rallying regardless of  macro and economic worries.
  5. Bad news hits the market but the market goes up, because it is already priced in.
  6. Higher risk assets start a strong uptrend with safe money comes out of bonds and cash and are used to purchase market leaders.
  7. New market leaders emerge out of strong bases while defensive sectors under perform.
  8. Can Slim traders find huge amounts of set ups to choose from.
  9. Fear of missing out on the rally replaces the fear of losing money on sudden drops.
  10. The majority of investors and traders do not believe the rally is real and that we will plunge at any moment.