Bull Market

bear trap

Bear Trap

A bear trap happens as too many people sell short into a falling downtrend on a chart to new lower prices too late in the move. Bear traps typically occur when sentiment becomes extremely bearish and fear is near a peak. When a bear trap is set on a chart it will usually also be

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bullish vs bearish

Bullish vs Bearish

Bullish markets and bearish markets are very different in the sentiment and price dynamics. Money made in bull markets can be given back in bear markets so a bullish bias can be dangerous when a real long term bear market arrives. People tend to think of the stock market as a whole as bullish or

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Why the Bull Market Will End with a Whimper, Not A Bang

This is a Guest Post by Troy Bombardia of BullMarkets.co.   The S&P 500 has finally started a pullback after a multi-week win streak. Meanwhile, macro data remains without significant deterioration. The economy’s fundamentals determine the stock market’s medium-long term outlook. Technicals determine the stock market’s short-medium term outlook. Here’s why: The stock market’s long

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