How To Become A Millionaire

How To Become A Millionaire

If you want to become a millionaire you must create one million dollars of value in the marketplace through a product, in a portfolio, or with a business. A millionaire is someone who accumulated a seven figure net worth in assets above their spending habits and debt. A millionaire must have good financial defense through managing their personal finances and also good financial offense through investing in and building things of value.

Is becoming a millionaire easy?

Becoming a millionaire isn’t easy or everyone would become one. However, everyone should reach millionaire status if they have self-discipline in their spending and investing as well as a strong work ethic in their career. The millionaire formula is very simple in the United States as all you need to do actively is consistently contribute to a 401K, own your home, and make a good living in a career. This must be done while you stay out of debt and don’t waste your hard earned money. This first path is the slow lane to millionaire and can take thirty years to reach your goal.

The fast lane to millionaire requires entrepreneurship and building a business that creates positive cash flow and is worth seven figures in value. The fast lane requires risk, hard work, uncertainty, and a lot of hours of effort but can lead to success in a high net worth much faster than the path taken in a job that limits cash flow to a paycheck.

The odds of becoming a millionaire in the U.S. are between 6.4% to 22.3% according to data from the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Those are some of the best odds of becoming a millionaire of any country.[1}

The U.S. has a great entrepreneurial system and structure to create and build a business within. The opportunities in 2022 are better than they have ever been as the internet and existing online platforms for monetization have never been better.

How can I get rich in 5 years?

To become a millionaire in five years you would need to create a business worth one million dollars that you control 100%, sell enough of a product make one million dollars in profits, earn one million dollars in salary, bonuses, and stock option in a job, or build a million dollar trading/investing account.

If you want to be a millionaire in five years the fast lane is simply to focus on building a business that has immediate cash flow and is quickly scalable with the leverage of employees, easy to produce products, and advertising. If you maintain 100% ownership of the company once the cash flow is valued at seven figures based on the right valuation multiple for the business growth and earnings stability you are a net worth millionaire.

This requires doing the homework of learning how business works, how to read a balance sheet, accounting, and a basic understanding of business taxes. A millionaire also needs the skills of sales, advertising, and marketing. Business is a serious professional endeavor and requires a lot of homework and a business plan before launching a business. However, if you have focused goals and competence then do the work consistently to be successful then only time separates you from your goal of becoming a millionaire. Being an entrepreneur requires flexibility and adjustments as new data comes in for what works and what doesn’t.

What jobs can make you millionaire?


A trader has unlimited income potential as they can use leverage and compounding to grow capital quickly. A trade can make money if they have a quantified system with an edge in their market. However, this path has a very low success rate and is a serious professional path.

Professional athlete

Athletes monetize their skills when they go professional with a contract. They are instant millionaires after a lifetime of work going through the ranks of high school and college. Very low probability path.

Investment banker

This is the surest and quickest path to millionaire if you go to the right school, are smart enough, have great people skills, and have a connection for getting your foot in the door at an investment bank as an intern or entry level employees. This is a viable path for the best minds and students that do a lot of hard work both at school and for the investment bank.


This is the path that the majority of millionaires take, starting and building a successful business. Anyone can do this if they pick the right business and learn how to make it work as they go if they already have a strong foundation of business management knowledge.


Lawyers can become millionaires if they can make partner in their law firm or start their own firm they build up in value.

Real estate agent

A real estate agent can become a millionaire when they sell high priced homes for big commissions consistently over time. All this path requires is a professional look, a realtor license, and being good at sales along with having people skills.

Chief executive officer

Almost all CEOs become millionaires through a combination of high incomes, bonuses, and stock options. Getting to this position is like winning the employee lottery and moving up through all the ranks to the top of the pyramid.


Doctors that specialize in high demand medical procedures and surgeries or build up their own medical practice can become millionaires after they work through their student loan debt.


Anesthesiologists can spend nearly a decade getting a medical degree, then completing training and possibly even specializing in a specific area, such as pediatric or orthopedic anesthesia. They have one of the most difficult jobs in all of the medical industry and must be perfect for the safety of the patient. They make $323,740 per year, and are one of the highest paid employees next to CEOs.[2]

Anyone can become a millionaire if they can focus in on the best path for them and do the required research and work to achieve their goal.

How To Become A Millionaire
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