Trading Psychology

Valerie Everett

Stock Market Success: It Takes a Village

Last week, I wrote about the mental aspects of stock market success, and outlined the four areas that I thought were most critical: Positive Outlook Foundational Relationships Stress Management Emotional Control I discussed the power of positive thinking, and how it can attract good things and good people into your life. This week, we’ll look […]

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10 Facts About the $SPY Chart 8/2/15

  The $SPY continues to be range bound in 2015. Stocks as an asset class are being traded and not accumulated outside of a few individual stocks like $GOOGL, $FB, and $AMZN. The MACD currently has a weak, bullish crossover. The 5 day EMA held as support which shows momentum. The 52 RSI … Continue Reading

Trading Psychology


My $XLK Buy Levels

I will be looking to buy $XLK on Monday morning if it holds above the 200 day SMA. I would enter using the $TECL ETF for leverage, with $XLK over … Continue Reading

Risk Management

Betsy Weber

Starting a Trading Business

  If a new trader wants to be a successful, they will need to treat their trading like they would operate a profitable business. Many traders lose a lot of money by approaching trading like it is a hobby. In … Continue Reading

Andrew Kuznetsov

8 Easy Ways to Blow Up Your Account

  Almost everyone has read the statistic that 90% of active traders are not profitable and eventually quit trading. While I don't have the exact numbers, I suspect that a lot of those traders blow their entire … Continue Reading

10 Trading Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

  Are you trading without a plan? Trading without a plan makes you emotional and a gambler. Do you ever trade too big for your trading account size? Big trades are bad trades for the emotional engagement … Continue Reading