Its a Bear Market You Know…

After a 10% correction in 6 weeks, people start to open their 401K statements and panic. Well, I’m not like other people. I move my retirement to cash after the $SPY loses its 200-day simple moving average. I went to cash in my retirement account on December 31st 2015. I am older and wiser after […]

The 7 Most Popular Chart Pattern Tweets

Here are seven of the most popular chart pattern tweets of all time. Rule 1: Wave 2 will never retrace more than 100% of wave 1. — DK1 (@canuck2usa) February 24, 2015 Rule 2: Wave 4 may never end in price territory of wave 1 — DK1 (@canuck2usa) February 24, 2015 Rule 3: […]

Bulls Retreat: $SPY Chart 2/7/16

The 200-day and 50-day are starting to descend lower, showing a long term downtrend is developing. We are still under a bearish 50/200 day ‘death cross’. $SPY has traded under the 10-day EMA for the majority of this year, demonstrating that bears have stayed in control of the market. $187 is the short term support level for […]

My Favorite Trading Articles: 2/6/16

Evidence-Based Vs. Hit And Miss – How To Make Succeeding An (Almost) Certainty The Most Important Question of Your Life How To Light The Fire When You’re Burned Out What January Says About Market Returns For 2016  What Should I Do If I Miss A Signal?  

Top Trading Tweets: 2/5/16

This kind of market chews up pos traders. I know it sounds repetitive but being patient can NOT be over stated. Been here so many times. — Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth) February 3, 2016 Been trading for 25 yrs & not trading is the only aspect of trading I still struggle with. Alternative is to lose […]

5 Habits for Profitable Trading

Here are five of the most important trading habits for a trader to integrate into their day-to-day entry and exit decisions. If your trading plan has rules that cover these principles, then you must follow them long enough so they become habits. Always choose a price level that will prove your trade entry was wrong and set a […]