Top Trading Articles: Week 2/13/16

How To Stop Making Idiot Trading Decisions It’s not your fault that you are losing – 18 biases that explain why traders make mistakes This Isn’t The Stock Market You Imagined: Welcome To 2016 The Trader’s Journey: The Hero’s Journey  Stability and Liquidity: Money Market Mutual Funds  

Top Trading Tweets of the Week: 2/12/16

If you were my intern and you sold at 330 — 3:30 Ramp Capital™♿️ (@RampCapitalLLC) February 12, 2016 This is finally the bottom. I swear. I mean it this time.-Oil — 3:30 Ramp Capital™♿️ (@RampCapitalLLC) February 12, 2016 $TWTR — 3:30 Ramp Capital™♿️ (@RampCapitalLLC) February 10, 2016 @zerohedge udder lunacy — Jose Canseco […]

The Anatomy of a Downtrend

The price drops below the 200 day simple moving average. This is your first warning on the long side to exit and wait for the 200 day to be retaken. The MACD has a bearish crossover. This shows that the uptrend has lost momentum. This is a warning sign that the market could fall as price […]

7 Signals I Need to Turn Bullish

There are so many traders and investors that remain bullish even when the stock market is under distribution. Bull opinions during market corrections are expensive. Smart traders and investors follow the trend. They go with the flow of price action. All stock indexes need to begin to trade above the 10 day EMA consistently for multiple […]

Its a Bear Market You Know…

After a 10% correction in 6 weeks, people start to open their 401K statements and panic. Well, I’m not like other people. I move my retirement to cash after the $SPY loses its 200-day simple moving average. I went to cash in my retirement account on December 31st 2015. I am older and wiser after […]

The 7 Most Popular Chart Pattern Tweets

Here are seven of the most popular chart pattern tweets of all time. Rule 1: Wave 2 will never retrace more than 100% of wave 1. — DK1 (@canuck2usa) February 24, 2015 Rule 2: Wave 4 may never end in price territory of wave 1 — DK1 (@canuck2usa) February 24, 2015 Rule 3: […]