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10 Bull Facts about the $SPY Chart 11/29/15

Last week the stock market did an amazing job recovering from bad news, terrorist threats, and the Russian/Turkey pilot incident. Rallying on bad news is bullish. Being within striking distance of all time high prices is bullish for $SPY. For the past seven trading days the 10 day EMA has acted as end of day […]

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Two China Stocks Break Out on Massive Volume

Today two monster stocks broke out on the highest volume of the past year for $BABA and the 2nd highest volume of the year for $BIDU. $BABA's average 10 day trade volume is 17 million shares, today it traded 72.5 million shares during market hours and another 25 million shares in the after hours and closed … Continue Reading

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Turkeys & Risk Management

There is a story in the book Anti-Fragile  of a turkey that is fed for 1,000 days by a butcher, and everyday, confirms to the turkey and the turkey’s economics department and the turkey’s risk management department … Continue Reading

Jason Baker

Capital Preservation: 10 Trading Tips

  As a trader, your #1 goal is to keep your current trading capital safe and secure. Your goal as a a trader is to make money and not lose money. Many new traders lose their trading capital in the first year, … Continue Reading

Betsy Weber

Starting a Trading Business

  If a new trader wants to be a successful, they will need to treat their trading like they would operate a profitable business. Many traders lose a lot of money by approaching trading like it is a hobby. In … Continue Reading