This should be another interesting week ahead. From the view of the longer term time frame this is a later stage bull market that is growing more volatile. Trend following traders that trade off the longer term moving averages like the 50 day or 200 day moving averages have done very well this year while some day traders and short term traders may have experienced stop losses triggered and whip saw losses.

The SPY has successfully bounced off the 50 day after a rapid move down to kiss it and run. For me the 50 day is the line in the sand. I will consider going short the SPY with a close under this line.

Apple has been hammered down for  a very long time. The 50 day is acting as resistance in this long term down trend. With Apple earnings on Tuesday after close it has the potential to emerge into a new trend. Price has moved dramatically away from the 10 day line and it could easily return to that line with bottom fishers and short covering taking place. I will be looking to play the trend that emerges after the earnings Tuesday. The daily price range on Wednesday and the 10 day sma will be my guide.

After earnings Google ripped bears to shreds by running 34 points not to be stopped until the 50 day acted as a ceiling on the price Friday to reject it by the close. I will consider taking a position in Google on Monday based on where it closes in relation to this line. I am bearish on Google due to it spending so much time under both the 10 day and 50 day line this is not what I want to see in a stock with the potential to run back to all time highs.