10 Troubles With the $TSLA Chart


  1. $TSLA closed below the 200 day moving average. This is a key dividing line between an long term up trend ending and a down trend beginning.
  2. In the intermediate time frame the 50 day line itself is at a downward curve.
  3. The RSI gives $TSLA plenty of room for more downside. Stocks do not respond as well to oversold levels as indexes due to distribution.
  4. Volume today was more than the previous three days in a row this is a sign of distribution.
  5. MACD had a bearish crossover.
  6. $TSLA has recently diverged from the rest of the market action making lower lows and traveling down to the 200 day as the rest of the market was recently making all time highs. 
  7. $TSLA is currently in a down trend in all time frames by being under the 10 day, 50 day, and 200 day.
  8. Oil at $65-$70 a barrel changes the perception of the need for electric cars in the short term with cheaper gas.
  9. If the stock market as a whole pull backs there is a very high probability that $TSLA drops back far below the 200 day.
  10. Buyers did not step in above the 200 day to rally $TSLA a potential troubling sign for bulls and investors.