10 Facts About the $SPY Chart 1/25/15


  1. Three of the past four days $SPY made higher highs and higher lows. Friday slightly missed a higher high but the day’s volume was the lowest this year. This is bullish.
  2. $SPY is above the 50 day, this is bullish.
  3. The 5 day ema crossed over the 10 day sma last week. Bullish.
  4. Thursday had a bullish MACD crossover.
  5. Thursday had a bullish reversal candlestick after the ECB announcement that closed at the highs of the day.
  6. RSI is in the bullish half of the reading at 53.60
  7. The MACD Histogram turned positive and bullish on Friday.
  8. The $QQQ chart is showing equity bullishness and risk on after four days of higher highs and higher lows.
  9. Leading stocks and sectors are currently showing reversal patterns and bounces after corrections. $XLE $FB $XLF $GOOGL #Bullish
  10. A close below the 50 day negates these bullish signals and will put me back in a neutral reading for my trading model.

(I am currently long $SPXL $TQQQ and $SPY from Wednesday at close entries. This was tweeted in real time at @SJosephBurns )