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10 Fast Facts about the $SPY Chart: 9/3/17
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  1. The uptrend in $SPY remains in place with price near all time highs and very small dips in price for buying opportunities.
  2. RSI at 60.90 gives plenty of room for higher prices in the near future.
  3. Last week brought a fresh bullish MACD crossover.
  4. VIX trended down each day last week to 10.13. North Korea is not bringing fear into the market yet.
  5. Last week was a powerful rally from the $243 price level.
  6. When a market fails to go down on fear or bad news it is very bullish.
  7. The $SPY rose on good volume last week.
  8. The size of the trading range has not expanded in the past two weeks.
  9. Buy and hold investing has been outperforming most swing trading systems since November.
  10. Every dip has been a buying opportunity since the November election night.

I am currently still long $TNA and $QLD