Daily Goals and Expectations From Trading

Daily Goals and Expectations From Trading

This is a Video Guest Post by Ivan @Retail Investing & Trading.

There is a big misconception when it comes to daily Forex trading goals and returns that profitable traders are constantly making.

To better cover this topic, first you need to understand that there are always two sides to a story.

In this example, on one side, you have social media traders and on the other side you have seasoned pros.

So, to start, who is a social media trader. Well, to make it very easy for you, the so called social media trader is anyone who is showing off, supposedly buying lambos, Gucci belts etc without any realistic proof.

The thing is that most of the people fall for the social media traders get rich quick promises and end up being scammed. I know quite a few people who were scammed by buying into a get rick quick schemes from people claiming that with a minimum investment off $500 you can be easily making $1500/week.

That right there is a social media trader WANNABE. Chances are this person knows nothing about trading and he is using others people’s money to make money and not his trading skill.

These types of traders are claiming that flipping accounts and making 100% monthly returns is doable and many people fall for that.
On the other side you have seasoned pros. Traders that are not trying too much on social media, honest guys who are just sharing what they are doing in the markets on a daily basis and understand that trading is all about consistency and long term gains and not HIGH RISK short term gambling.

The seasoned pros understand that period of drawdowns will come, they understand the rule based approach and they are comfortably making 30-50% returns YoY.

Question is. Who do you want to be ? What is your goal ? Check out the video, maybe it can help you out to make that decision.

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