Futures trading books

Best Futures Trading Books

Here are four of the best trading books about the futures market. Instead of giving a long list I have kept this one short with a focus on the only ones you need to both go through the learning curve and also implement trading strategies. A Trader’s First Book on Commodities: Everything you need to know about futures and options trading before placing a trade  by Carley […]

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what are dow futures

What are Dow Futures?

What are Dow futures? Dow futures are contracts that trade with commodities on futures exchanges. Dow futures contracts have set prices along with dates for delivery to buyers. They are tools with leverage that give traders and investors the right to buy or sell depending on whether they are long of short the Dow Jones

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A Traders 10 Point Checklist for a Losing Trade

          The pain of losing is something that many traders can not bear. When you get into 10 or 15 straight losses then the lack of risk management will knock a trader out of the game. Even if you have risk management in place many times the mental pain and anguish

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