How To Master the Law Of Assumption (10x More Powerful than the Law of Attraction)

How To Master the Law Of Assumption (10x More Powerful than the Law of Attraction)

Let me introduce you to the Law of Assumption, a concept often regarded as significantly more powerful than the Law of Attraction. We frequently explore various methods to attract success, happiness, and fulfillment in our quest for personal growth and achievement. However, the Law of Assumption offers a unique perspective, emphasizing the power of belief and the transformative impact of assuming our desires are already a reality.

This approach, deeply rooted in manifestation and personal development principles, provides a compelling alternative to traditional attraction methods. In this article, we’ll delve into the nuances of the Law of Assumption, uncovering its potential to reshape our lives and guide us toward our goals with greater efficacy and conviction.

Understanding the Law of Assumption

The more popular Law of Attraction often overshadows the Law of Assumption; however, this concept holds immense power in personal development. Unlike the Law of Attraction, which focuses on attracting things into your life, the Law of Assumption is about believing that you already possess what you desire. It’s a subtle yet powerful shift in mindset that can lead to significant changes in your life.

The Law of Assumption vs. The Law of Attraction: Key Differences

To appreciate the Law of Assumption, it’s essential to understand its counterpart, the Law of Attraction, which posits that like attracts like. You draw into your life what you focus on, whether positive or negative. In contrast, the Law of Assumption is not about attracting but about being. It’s the belief that assuming the feeling of your wish being fulfilled can lead to its realization. This fundamental difference shifts the focus from desire to view, from wanting to being.

Why the Law of Assumption is More Powerful

The Law of Assumption’s power lies in its focus on belief and assumption. When you assume something is true, you act and think in ways that align with that belief, often leading to self-fulfilling prophecies. This law suggests that the universe responds to your belief system, making it a potent tool for shaping your reality. It’s not just about hoping or wishing; it’s about embodying the belief that what you desire is already yours.

Step-by-Step Guide to Practicing the Law of Assumption

Practicing the Law of Assumption involves a few key steps. First, clearly define what you want to assume – success, love, health, or wealth. Next, visualize and feel what it would be like if your desire were already fulfilled. This step is crucial; you must emotionally connect with your assumption. Then, align your actions and thoughts with this new reality. Live as if your hypothesis is true, making decisions and taking steps that reflect your belief. Lastly, maintain this assumption with unwavering faith, even when evidence to the contrary appears.

Real-Life Success Stories: The Law of Assumption in Action

There are countless success stories where individuals have applied the Law of Assumption with remarkable results. From entrepreneurs who assumed success until they achieved it to individuals who believed in their healing and experienced improved health, these stories testify to the law’s power. These narratives inspire and demonstrate practical applications of the Law of Assumption in various aspects of life.

Prince assumed he was a rock star from the beginning. Michael Jordon knew he was the greatest basketball player early in his career. Arnold Schwarzenegger assumed he would be a huge bodybuilder, moving star, and president of the United States. (He did get to be the governor of California. He couldn’t be president because he wasn’t born in the US). There’s a lot of power in assuming your success as it frees up your time and energy to be what you already think you are.

Common Misconceptions About the Law of Assumption

A common misconception about the Law of Assumption is that it’s just positive or wishful thinking. However, it’s more profound than that. It’s not about ignoring reality but creating a new reality through belief. Another misconception is that it works instantly. While it can bring about rapid changes, often, it requires consistent practice and patience.

Integrating the Law of Assumption into Daily Life

Integrating the Law of Assumption into your daily life can be seamless. Start by setting daily affirmations that align with your assumptions. Practice mindfulness to keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your desired reality. Reflect on your progress and adjust your beliefs as needed. Remember, it’s about small, consistent steps that align with your assumed fact.

Overcoming Challenges with the Law of Assumption

Challenges are inevitable when practicing the Law of Assumption. Doubt and negative thoughts can creep in. When they do, acknowledge them but don’t dwell on them. Return to your assumption and reaffirm it. Surround yourself with positivity and people who support your beliefs. Persistence is critical in overcoming these challenges.

Advanced Techniques to Enhance Your Law of Assumption Practice

For those familiar with the basics, advanced techniques like meditation, visualization exercises, and journaling can deepen your practice. Meditation helps focus and calm the mind, making it easier to assume your desired reality. Visualization exercises enhance the emotional connection with your assumption. Journaling about your journey can provide insights and reinforce your belief.

How the Law Of Assumption is 10x More Powerful than the Law of Attraction

Why the Law of Assumption might be considered 10x more potent than the Law of Attraction involves looking at the fundamental differences in how each law operates and their impact on an individual’s mindset and actions.

  1. Directness and Simplicity: The Law of Assumption is more straightforward. Instead of focusing on attracting something from the universe, it simply involves assuming that what you desire is already yours. This direct approach can often lead to quicker and more consequential shifts in mindset.
  2. Internal Focus and Belief System: The Law of Assumption profoundly affects an individual’s belief system. By assuming you already have what you desire, you internally align your thoughts and emotions with your goals. This internal alignment can be more potent than the external focus of attracting something into your life.
  3. Behavioral Changes: When you operate under the Law of Assumption, your behaviors align with your goals. For instance, if you assume you are already a successful entrepreneur, you’ll likely adopt behaviors and habits congruent with that identity, leading to more effective actions toward your goal.
  4. Elimination of Doubt: The Law of Assumption can be more potent in eliminating doubt. By assuming that what you want is already yours, there’s less room for doubt compared to the Law of Attraction, where you might constantly wonder when and how your desires will manifest.
  5. Enhanced Confidence and Self-Efficacy: Assuming success or any desired state can boost confidence and self-efficacy. This heightened state of self-belief can lead to taking more risks and having more opportunities, accelerating the achievement of goals.
  6. Creating a New Reality: The Law of Assumption is about creating a new reality from within. It’s not just about hoping or wishing for something; it’s about living and breathing it in your current fact, which can profoundly impact making it come true.
  7. Emotional Resonance: The emotional resonance of living as if your dreams are already realized can be more motivating and energizing than simply wanting or longing for something. This can lead to a more passionate and engaged approach to life and goals.
  8. Reduction in Resistance: By assuming you already have what you desire, you reduce mental and emotional resistance. You’re not fighting against the current reality; you’re aligning with a new one, which can make the journey toward your goals smoother.
  9. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Law of Assumption can create a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. By assuming a specific identity or reality, you start to enact it, which can lead to it becoming true in the external world.
  10. Overall Well-Being: This law can positively impact overall well-being. Living with the assumption that you have already achieved your desires can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction, which can attract more positive outcomes.

The Law of Assumption’s power lies in its ability to create immediate shifts in mindset, align internal beliefs with desired outcomes, and foster behaviors conducive to achieving those outcomes. This inner alignment and assumption of success can often be more impactful than the external focus of attracting desires, potentially making it 10x more powerful.

Transforming Your Life with the Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption is a powerful tool for personal transformation. By shifting from wanting to being, from attracting to assuming, you open up a world of possibilities. Remember, it’s not just about what you want; but what you believe is yours. Embrace this law, practice it consistently, and watch your life transform in ways you never thought possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace Belief Over Desire: Shift your focus from what you want to believe you already possess.
  • Contrast with Attraction: Understand the distinction between attracting desires and embodying beliefs.
  • Power of Assumed Reality: Recognize the strength in acting as if your desires are already fulfilled.
  • Practical Application Steps: Implement a clear, actionable plan to integrate the Law of Assumption into your life.
  • Inspirational Success Narratives: Draw motivation from real-life examples where belief shaped reality.
  • Clarifying Misunderstandings: Distinguish the Law of Assumption from mere positive thinking.
  • Seamless Daily Integration: Incorporate affirmations and mindfulness into everyday routines.
  • Navigating Obstacles: Learn to overcome doubts and maintain your focus on your assumed reality.
  • Enhancing Techniques: Utilize meditation, visualization, and journaling to deepen your practice.
  • Consistency and Patience: Acknowledge the need for persistent belief and patience in seeing results.


Mastering the Law of Assumption involves a transformative journey from aspiring to actualizing, where belief is the vehicle and assumption is the roadmap. It transcends mere wishful thinking, inviting practitioners to inhabit their desired outcomes mentally and emotionally. This law empowers individuals to chase and live their dreams, fostering a mindset where the assumed becomes achieved. One can unlock a powerful avenue for personal growth and fulfillment through consistent practice, a steadfast belief in the accepted reality, and integrating this law into daily life.