Mistakes Trying the Perfect Entry In Forex

Mistakes Trying the Perfect Entry In Forex

This is a guest post from Tino @tradersreality. This article originally appeared on tradersreality.com and is reposted here with permission.

So you have your methodology, you have studied it, back tested it. You know what scenarios need to be in play for you to make that perfect entry and make pips.

Mistakes Trying the Perfect Entry In Forex

We Still Have The Same Instincts…Even After 12,000 Years

Hmmm. Really..? Is it that simple..?

Back in the archaic Neanderthal Age, Their minds were programmed for survival, seeking the safest option. 

We are no different in today’s way of thinking.  

Conventional Wisdom would state that maintaining a mind set of “believing” that if we “think” it’s going to happen, then it will, we can assume that we can envision anything our hearts desire.

What We Think About, We Bring About…Not In Trading

Now i’m not advocating that visualization is not a sound practice for anyone that wishes to “attract” materialistic possessions or relationships, new jobs, (you get the idea). But it’s a thought process that new traders enter with.

Bad Move…