10 Fast Facts about the $SPY Chart: 12/11/17
Chart Courtesy of StockCharts.com
  1. $SPY is still bullish over all moving averages.
  2. $SPY is within striking distance of all time highs.
  3. The 10 day EMA has acted as end of day support since November 16th.
  4. $SPY has gone parabolic with upward momentum carrying price over the 70 RSI to 73.79.
  5. Every dip in price continues to be bought.
  6. The average trading range has declined over the past week.
  7. Price action remains under a bullish MACD crossover.
  8. Price has been going up on good volume over the past week.
  9. $VIX has fallen back to 9.51 showing a lack of fear in a big pullback here and cheap put options.
  10. Sectors still have room to rotate and take the index higher with few oversold market sectors.