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Roth IRA vs 401K

Billions TV show and Client Management

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Lessons from Market Wizard: Bruce Kovner

This is a Guest Post by Alex @MacroOps which was originally posted at Lessons from a Trading Great: Bruce Kovner. Bruce Kovner retired in 2011 from Caxton Associates, the hedge fund he founded and ran for 28 years. Over that time the fund returned an average of 21 percent a year since its inception. In comparison, …

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Traders Must Bend But Not Break

  Today I would like to explore three concepts in trading that many traders have never thought about. Fragility, robustness, and anti-fragility are concepts that describe a trader’s psychology, risk management, and method. Here are some general definitions: Fragility is a word used to describe something that is easily broken, shattered, or damaged. It means …

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35 Top Destroyers of Trading Capital

  When I asked my Facebook trading group what was the cause of their biggest trading losses, no one had any trouble remembering those painful and valuable lessons. These top 30 insightful answers will benefit new traders and provide a nice reminder for those with more experience. “What was the cause of the biggest draw …

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