November 2021


How To Be UnF*ckWithable

Unf*ckwithable: (adj.) When you are genuinely at peace and in touch with yourself, nothing anyone says or does bother you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. Ted and Katie and magnificently talented, generous, and unf*ckwithable. (Urban Dictionary) Being unf*ckwithable is not letting praise take you too high emotionally, or criticism takes you too

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millionaire mindset

Millionaire Mindset

In the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset, author T. Harv Eker shows readers the big difference between how millionaires think versus people with a poor mindset. Wealth starts in the mind, regardless of your circumstances your financial future will be more in line with your thoughts and actions. Many people start from humble beginnings

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trading signals

Trading Signals

Trading signals are quantified ways to know when to get into and when to get out of a trade. Trading signals can be technical indicators, chart patterns, candlestick patterns, or pure price action. Trading signals are used for both entries and exits in trading systems when it is believed they have an edge based on

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