November 2021

hard work quotes

Hard Work Quotes

The path to success is a journey down the road of hard work. The energy you need to do the work that leads to accomplishing your goals is created through your passion for winning. Some of the hardest work is thinking, most people prefer to go with the flow of their life circumstances than slow […]

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Payment for Order Flow

Payment for Order Flow

Payment for order flow (PFOF) is the payment of up to one cent per share, that stockbrokers can receive from market makers in return for the broker routing trades for their customers to that market maker. It has been a practice under heavy criticism from retail traders being called a kickback and front running orders.

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current most shorted stocks today 2021

Current Most Shorted Stocks Today 2021: November

A list of the current most shorted stocks right now can be a great place to look for potential deep dip value buys. The stocks with the highest short interest across on major U.S. stock exchanges is a good list to watch and stay updated on for short squeeze opportunities.   The below company stocks have the highest

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types of traders

Types of Traders

There are many different types of traders in the financial markets. They trade different markets and on different time frames. Here is a list of types of traders on different time frames. Day traders: Day traders open and close their trades inside regular market hours. Day traders avoid the risk of overnight gaps but can

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hull moving average

Hull Moving Average

The Hull moving average was developed by Alan Hull as he tried to improve on the weighted moving averages and others for smoother trend and swing signals during a charts trends and swings in price action. The HMA uses weighted moving averages and dampens the smoothing effect and resulting lag by using the square root

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