December 2014

Top 5 Trading Articles: 12/27/14

  The Parable of Uncle Joe – How the Stock Market Really Works. Definition of a Trading System Two Hidden Virtues of Successful Traders The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Risk Reward Ratio Correctly 2014: The year that nothing worked

35 Top Destroyers of Trading Capital

  When I asked my Facebook trading group what was the cause of their biggest trading losses, no one had any trouble remembering those painful and valuable lessons. These top 30 insightful answers will benefit new traders and provide a nice reminder for those with more experience. “What was the cause of the biggest draw …

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$IWM on the Move

    $IWM is breaking out of a year long price base. Are you ready? This is why I am bullish on breakouts: I will be watching the $118.50 level in $IWM next week that coincides with the 1200 level in the Russell 2000 index. A stronger break and close above this level could result …

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