Technical Indicators

CCI Indicator

What is the CCI Indicator?

The CCI indicator (commodity channel index) is an oscillator originally created in 1980 by Donald Lambert . He developed CCI originally to identify and quantify cyclical moves in commodity charts, but this technical indicator has also been used on stock indexes, exchange traded funds, stocks and charts of other markets. It can be used as […]

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volume weighted average price

What is VWAP?

The VWAP (volume-weighted average price) is the ratio of the value of shares traded to total volume that is traded over a specific time period on a chart. It measures and quantifies the average price a stock is traded at for set period of time to create a technical indicator on a chart.  VWAP is

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MACD Technical Indicator

What a MACD Indicator Crossover Signals

The MACD is an abbreviation for the moving average convergence/divergence technical trading indicator and is used in technical analysis to filter the trends, swings, and momentum of price action. It is designed to reveal changes in price strength, direction, momentum, and duration for the moves of trends and swings. The MACD is a simple visual momentum indicator. The

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